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Flight of the Wild Gander: Explorations in the Mythological Dimension: Select Essays 1944-1968 New World Library 3rd edition Joseph Campbell

6th July 2013 Literature & Fiction 17 Comments
In these essays, Joseph Campbell explores the origins of myth and their role in everyday life from Grimm fairy tales to Native American legends. He explains how the symbolic content of myth is linked to universal human experience and how myths and experiences change over time. Included is his acclaimed essay Mythogenesis, which examines the rise and fall of a Native American legend. Campbell has become one of the rarest of intellectuals ... a serious thinker who has been embraced by the popular culture. Newsweek The origins and symbolisms of mythology over time, as revealed by Joseph ...
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Emily Goes to Exeter St Martins Pr 1st edition Marion Chesney

6th July 2013 Literature & Fiction 5 Comments
A dead employers legacy of five thousand pounds allows spinster Hannah Pym to resign from housekeeping and find adventure travelling the English countryside by stagecoach. But adventure soon finds Miss Pym in the form of Miss Emily Freemantle, a spoilt violet-eyed beauty fleeing an arranged marriage to a rake she has never met. What the girls darkly handsome betrothed boards their stage, Miss Pym is certain Emily was rash to bolt from this aristocratic catch! And so as soon as the travellers repair to an inn, Miss Pym begins her matchmaking and although Lord Ranger Harley complains hell ...
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Hardboiled: An Anthology of American Crime Stories Oxford University Press USA Bill Pronzini

5th July 2013 Literature & Fiction 31 Comments
What are the ingredients of a hard-boiled detective story? "Savagery, style, sophistication, sleuthing and sex," said Ellery Queen. Often a desperate blond, a jealous husband, and, of course, a tough-but-tender P.I. the likes of Sam Spade or Philop Marlowe. Perhaps Raymond Chandler summed it up best in his description of Dashiell Hammett's style: "Hammett gave murder back to the kind of people that commit it....He put these people down on paper as they were, and he made them talk and think in the language they customarily used for these purposes." Hard-Boiled: An Anthology of American Crime ...
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Philip Dru: Administrator A Story Of Tomorrow 1920-1935 CreateSpace Edward Mandell House

5th July 2013 Literature & Fiction 26 Comments
Philip Dru: Administrator: a Story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935 is a futuristic political novel published anonymously in 1912 by Edward Mandell House, an American diplomat, politician and presidential foreign policy advisor. His book's hero leads the democratic western U.S. in a civil war against the plutocratic East, and becomes the dictator of America. Dru as dictator imposes a series of reforms that resemble the Bull Moose platform of 1912 and then vanishes. Edward Mandell House (18581938) was an American diplomat, politician, and presidential advisor. Commonly known by the title of Colonel ...
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Rain Fall Putnam Adult Barry Eisler

29th June 2013 Literature & Fiction 50 Comments
Meet John Rain. Assassin. He follows his own code - he needs no one, trusts no one - until betrayal transforms him from hunter into hunted and loner into loyal friend. Haunted by the past Rain kills to order and leaves no trace, but the death at his hand of an old man has unforeseen complications - and soon Rain is trying to protect not just his carefully preserved anonymity but his own life and those of the people he cares for. A stunning, page-turning reinvention of the hitman thriller, "Rain Fall" marks the introduction of a compelling new series character and major new thriller writing ...
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Medstar I: Battle Surgeons LucasBooks First Edition edition Michael Reaves

29th June 2013 Literature & Fiction 49 Comments
As Civil War between the Republic and the Separatists rages across the galaxy, nowhere is the fighting more fierce than on the swamp world of Drongar, where a beleaguered mobile hospital unit wages a never-ending war of its own . . .A surgeon who covers his despair with wise-cracks; another who faces death and misery head-on, venting his emotions through beautiful music . . . A nurse with her heart in her work and her eye on a doctor . . . A Jedi Padawan on a healing mission without her Master . . . These are the core members of a tiny med unit serving the jungle world of Drongar, where ...
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Temple Thomas Dunne Books 1st U.S. ed edition Matt Reilly

28th June 2013 Literature & Fiction 53 Comments
Deep in the jungles of Peru, the race of the century is underway. A race to locate a legendary Incan idol - an idol carved out of a strange kind of stone. A stone which in the late 20th century could be used as the basis for a terrifying new weapon. The US Army wants it - at any cost - but they are not alone.... The only clue to the idol's final resting place lies in a 400-year-old manuscript. Enter Professor William Race, a brilliant young linguist, who is unwittingly recruited to translate the manuscript and lead the Army team to the idol. And so begins the mission that will lead Race ...
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Tomorrow’s Garden ) Thorndike Press Lrg edition Amanda Cabot

28th June 2013 Literature & Fiction 46 Comments
Harriet Kirk is certain that becoming Ladreville's schoolteacher is just what she needs--a chance to put the past behind her and give her younger siblings a brighter tomorrow. What she didn't count on was the presence of handsome former Texas Ranger Lawrence Wood--or the way he slowly but surely claims her fragile heart. But can Harriet and Lawrence ever truly put the past behind them in order to find happiness?Readers will love this story of overcoming powerful odds and grabbing hold of happiness. Book 3 in the Texas Dreams series. As a seed awaits the spring sunshine, so one young woman ...
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How to Be an American Housewife Berkley Trade Reprint edition Margaret Dilloway

27th June 2013 Literature & Fiction 51 Comments
A mother-daughter story about the strong pull of tradition, and the lure and cost of breaking free of it. When Shoko decided to marry an American GI and leave Japan, she had her parents' blessing, her brother's scorn, and a gift from her husband-a book on how to be a proper American housewife. As she crossed the ocean to America, Shoko also brought with her a secret she would need to keep her entire life... Half a century later, Shoko's plans to finally return to Japan and reconcile with her brother are derailed by illness. In her place, she sends her grown American daughter, Sue, a ...
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Broken Jewel: A Novel Simon & Schuster David L Robbins

27th June 2013 Literature & Fiction 44 Comments
New York Times bestselling author David L. Robbins presents a riveting novel of war, love, and survival, set against the backdrop of an improbable rescue, the Los Baos prison raid -- one of the most daring episodes of World War II.For three years after the fall of Manila, 2,100 Allied civilians have been imprisoned at Los Baos Internment Camp, 40 miles to the southeast and notorious for its horrendous conditions. American Remy Tuck, the camp's resident gambler, struggles daily with his Japanese army captors to keep his community of Americans, Brits, and Dutch alive, as they stave off ...
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