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Lima: A Cultural History Americas South America Peru James Higgins Oxford University Press USA

6th July 2013 History Books 15 Comments
Lima boasts a Nobel Prize-winning author (Mario Vargas Llosa) and a wealth of lesser known poets and novelists, who have created its rich literary history. Higgins, an academic specialist in Peruvian literature, quotes extensively from these writers as he chronicles Lima's history from its founding by conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535 to the political gyrations of recent decades. Most of all, Higgins encourages readers to linger in Lima instead of rushing through en route to Machu Picchu. Both works will reward the traveler in search of a city's character. Gilbert TaylorCopyright ...
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Rembrandt: The Painter at Work Ernst van de Wetering University of California Press 1 edition

6th July 2013 History Books 25 Comments
Van de Wetering's approach to Rembrandt's painting eschews traditional stylistic analysis and iconographic explication in favor of examining the artist's materials and methods of painting. This technical approach is neatly conjoined with an appreciation of the artistic theory that affected the master's manner. The careful exfoliating of data derived from the laboratory about panels, canvases, underpainting, colors, binders, varnishes, and so forth, along with a subtle exploitation of documentary sources, suggests a useful and fresh approaches to Rembrandtian problems. While a radical new ...
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Fortifications of the Incas H. W. Kaufmann Osprey Publishing

29th June 2013 History Books 5 Comments
H.W. Kaufmann has an MA in Spanish from the University of Texas at San Antonio, where she also studied archaeology. She has a PhD from the University of Texas, Austin, in medieval Spanish and is fluent in six languages. She is a professor at San Antonio College and teaches languages. J.E.Kaufmann has an MA in History from the University of Texas, San Antonio. He is a retired public school teacher and teaches history part time at Palo Alto Junior College. The greatest period of Inca expansion occurred during the reigns of Pachacuti (143871), Tupa Inca (147193), and Huayna Capac ...
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Chronicle of the Guayaki Indians Americas South America Paraguay Pierre Clastres Zone

29th June 2013 History Books 19 Comments
In the early 1960s, the French anthropologist Pierre Clastres spent two years living among the Guayaki people of Paraguay, a tiny community of nomadic hunters whose way of life was quickly disappearing. When Clastres arrived in Paraguay, there were only 100 Guayaki left, and their culture seemed doomed by influenza and encroaching civilization. Clastres's description of his encounters with these people is respectful, self-aware, and written with great skill. Paul Auster (author of The New York Trilogy and the movie Smoke) translated the book from French to English in the late ...
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A Day in the Life of Ireland Jennifer Enwitt Collins Pub San Francisco First Edition edition

28th June 2013 History Books 5 Comments
On one day in May 1991 more than 75 distinguished photographers undertook to capture on film the many sides of Ireland and its people. As with previous Day in the Life explorations of other countries, the photographs provide a stunning panorama of everyday life in a variety of settings, from pastoral to urban, from working-class neighborhoods to country estates. Celebrating the land and its citizens, these 200 mainly color photographs are accompanied by maps indicating the location of each and by concise captions. Subjects include a Benedictine nun on a monastery farm, a man soaking in ...
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Painting in Late Medieval and Renaissance Siena Diana Norman Yale University Press First edition. edition

28th June 2013 History Books 3 Comments
Diana Norman is senior lecturer, The Open University. The city of Siena, one of Italy's major artistic centres, was home to many celebrated painters, among them Duccio, Simone Martini, Ambrogio and Pietro Lorenzetti, Sassetta and Beccafumi. This illustrated volume provides a survey of Sienese painting from 1260 to 1555, an era of extraordinary artistic creativity in the Tuscan city. Diana Norman addresses the style and artistic technique of Sienese painters throughout the three centuries and explores why paintings were made, where they were originally seen, and how they were used and ...
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The Scottish Jacobite Army 1745-46 Stuart Reid Osprey Publishing

27th June 2013 History Books 8 Comments
"[Stuart Reid uses] the work of historians and modern sources references to change the myths and reveal the underlying truths about the event... [One of several] outstanding coverages in-depth military holdings will welcome." -The Bookwatch"I found this to be a very interesting book and one of a subject I'd not considered before. I'm sure you will find it just as fascinating." -Scott Van Aken, Stuart Reid was born in Aberdeen in 1954 and is married with one son. He has worked as a librarian and a professional soldier and his main focus of ...
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The Yugoslav Wars : Slovenia & Croatia 1991-95 Europe Slovenia Nigel Thomas Osprey Publishing

27th June 2013 History Books 3 Comments
"The two volumes of The Yugoslav Wars are handy references that help make sense of the many military forces and their dress." -Military Trader An unrivalled illustrated reference source on fighting men and commanders, past and present. Each volume is packed with full colour artwork, making military history uniquely accessible to enthusiasts of all ages. Osprey's examination of Slovenia and Croatia's armies' involvement in the Yugoslav Wars (1991-1995). Following the death of the Yugoslavian strongman President Tito in 1980, the several semi-autonomous republics and ...
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A History of Latin America: c.1450 to the Present Peter Bakewell WileyBlackwell 2 edition

26th June 2013 History Books 2 Comments
"Bakewells revision reaches the present, turning what is already an outstanding treatment of the historical substrata of a vast region into the most enterprising and engaging single-volume history of Latin America... the book offers intriguing surprises and consistently intelligent choices and challenges." Kenneth Mills, Princeton University <!--end-->"A first rate survey, which I find works extremely well with the beginner as well as the more advanced student. Highly recommended." James Casey, University of East Anglia "[This book] provides a sophisticated analysis blended with a ...
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How Latin America Fell Behind: Essays on the Economic Histories of Brazil and Mexico Stephen Haber Stanford University Press 1 edition

26th June 2013 History Books 3 Comments
This outstanding book is a major event in the modernization of Latin American economic history, the first anthology of the work of leading 'new economic historians' of Latin America.John H. Coatsworth, Harvard University In 1800, the per capita income of the United States was twice that of Mexico and roughly the same as Brazils. By 1913, it was four times greater than Mexicos and seven times greater than Brazils. This volume seeks to explain the nineteenth-century lag in Latin American economic development.The essays break with longstanding dependency traditions in Latin American ...
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