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Case study of nine kinds of common troubles of bearing

31st May 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Bearing nine kind common case study of trouble ‘ 9 kinds of common causes that dissuade from of bearing :

It is a common occurrence that the bearing is operating and presenting dissuading in the course from, so needn’t be surprised at. Having dissuaded from, it is links to be dogmatic and handle. We explain a common cause that dissuade from of FAG bearing on a day.

1,The bearing is too high in temperature: While operating in the organization, install the placement of the bearing and answer a temperature made, when stroking the outer cover of organization by hand, should regard feeling and persuading and scalding one’s hand as normally, it is too high to express the bearing temperature on the contrary.

The high cause is as follows, that the bearing temperature crosses The smooth oil wind causes the mismatch to implore or go bad, the smooth oil is too high in viscosity; It is not enough that the organization assembles high strung interval ; The bearing assembles high strung; The bearing race rotates on the axle or in the shell; Load is too big; The bearing abandons the shelf or moves the body breaks with etc..

2, bearing musical sound: Move bearing answer the intersection of operation and noise to have minification in the post, if the noise or has abnormal musical sound or impact sound too big, express the bearing, dissuade from.

The cause of musical sound of going off happens in the bearing to move: More lengthy and more jumbled than strength, 1 In the bearing and outer lane cooperate heart abrade. Because this is planting the abrasion, crush the cooperation responsibility of bearing and shell, bearing and axle, cause the shaft axis to deviate from the accurate position, go off in the axle while flowing at a high speed differently loudly. When the bearing is languid, its metal of heart peels off, will make the bearing radial clearance increase to go off differently loudly too. 2 Bearing smooth, form dry conflict, and the intersection of bearing and the intersection of person who unite and village happen, get angry rare voice. 3After the loose and vast bearing wear, abandon shelf, loosen waste relaxation, too can happen, get angry the injuring of different loud bearing. Move when bearing assemble, search, can according to to injure the intersection of environment and dogmatic dissuade from and waste the intersection of relaxation and cause of bearing bearing.

3,The heart metal of ball track peels off: Bearing move body and be inner, bear periodic the intersection of pulse and pottery of dynamic load, dye on the the intersection of outer lane and the intersection of ball track and surface, thus the weapons stress of the change happens for cycle of going off. After the cycle index of the stress reaches 1 and makes the number value, go off the body or inner, outer lane ball track task of moving languidly and peel off. If the load of the bearing is too big, will make this kind of lethargy become more serious. In addition, it is crooked that the bearing installs the false, axle, will go off in the ball track and peel off the scene. Lethargy of the ball track of bearing peels off the operation precision that will reduce the axle, bring about vibration and noise in organization and go off.

4,The bearing is burnt: There is back fire in its ball track of bearing, moving on the body that burnt. Like the cause 1 burnt is that the too smooth to enough for, smooth oil wind causes the mismatch to implore or go bad, and the bearing assembles high strung,etc..

5,Plastic deformation: Ball track of bearing with appear lopisded pit the the intersection of roller and weapons, expound bearing happen, get angry plastic deformation. Its cause is a bearing under the circumstances that very great dead load or shock load pottery is dyed, all stresses of task heart cross over the bow limit of the material, go off on the bearing that low speed is distorted like this kind of environment 1.

6,The crackle of bearing race: The cause or bearing of the crackle of going off happens and cooperate with high strung in the bearing race, the intersection of bearing and this country or inner circle become flexible, bearing excuse me piece out of shape, install heart of bearing, process bad, etc.

7th, abandon the shelf to break with: Cause its smooth, move body to be united, base ring crooked, etc.

8,Adhere to metal that be abandoned shelf in moving body,or cause to move integumentary to block during abandoning shelf or not enough.

9,The ball track of base ring seeks help to abrade: Or fall into foreign matter in the base ring, the smooth oil is not enough for or smooth oil trade mark difference is right.

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