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Car bearing Hub bearing DAC42760040/37 =Internal diameter 42mm external diameter 76mm width 40

26th September 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

Car bearing Hub bearing DAC42760040/37
Internal diameter (d)42mm
External diameter (D)76mm
Width ( B) 40mm
Width of the outer lane (C) 37mm
Weight ( Gram) 0.64kg
Material Gcr15 bearing steel
Car bearing Hub bearing DAC42760040/37 car wheel nave bearing products characteristic; The main function of the hub bearing is the bearing and are offered for turning of the wheel nave and guide accurately, it bear the axial load as well as bears the radial load, it is a very important spare part. The hub bearing of the car used the uniline taper roller or ball bearing in pairs at most in the past. With the development of technology, the car has been already extensive to use the car wheel nave unit. Operating range and consumption of the unit of the hub bearing increase day by day, has already developed into third generation at present. Third generation hub bearing unit to adopt the intersection of bearing and unit and prevent from, embrace, stop the intersection of system and ABS, match. The wheel nave unit is designed that there are inner flange and exterior flange, the inner flange is fixed on actuating shaft with the bolt, other Fran installs the whole bearing together. Structural style: Two-bank ball ball hub bearing, two-bank ball taper hub bearing, the hub bearing,etc.; The applicable style of this product: The masses: General mulberry, 2000, 3000, Passat B5, Jetta, Polo, Bora; Citroen zx, Xia Li, lucky, antelope, Alto, Audi, Toyota, it is common in Nissan, GM, Masda, lasting Damien, Fiat, Renaud, Daewoo, from inferior, Ford, Peugeot, Opel, running quickly, tear hardworking, modern BMW, Clay It is stretched specially and usually receiving tower, NF to resist and circle in the air etc. that Iraq is blue and special, refined. Welcome little letter jack per line of the incoming telegram: One three five the intersection of ê‘ and the intersection of Qi and eight two two zero nine zero the intersection of QQ and the intersection of Qi and zero the intersection of Qi and nine ê‘ two or nine zero one consult, consultation

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