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Bring the custody of spherical bearing and 29244 type parameters outside the seat

31st July 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Take the custody of the spherical bearing outside seats:

Bring spherical bearing coat with right amount of rust-preventive oil and use, antirust wrapper when being dispatched from the factory outside the, so long as packaging this destroy, bring quality of spherical bearing receive assurance outside the.

But while preserving temporarily, draft it on condition that it is about 20 ℃ that the humidity is lower than 65% of the temperatures, leave it in and is higher than the ground 30cm shelf. In addition, keeping the place should avoid penetrating the sunshine directly or touching with the cold wall.

29244 type parameters

Internal diameter: 220 mm

Thickness: 48 mm

Old type: 9039244

Type: Thrust roller bearing bearing enterprises

Weight: 9.84 kg

The column number of rolling element: Uniline

Ball track type: Ball track of sphere

Retainer and material: J steel plate rammed

Type: 29244

External diameter: 300 mm

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