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Brammer Company signs the supply contract with Diageo Company

29th August 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Make and distill the intersection of circle and Company, Diageo of giant, sign one with Brammer Company about MRO ‘ Safeguard, maintain and overhaul Products and service contract.

This contract has covered 37 factories, four factories of Northern Ireland and packaging, tin making and bottling plant located in Cheshire Runcorn of Scotland.

Diageo Company supplies a performance manager Tony McCartney gentleman and says it is ability based on that it offers the solution to cooperative partner that Brammer gains the contract this time, its value is not merely limited to reducing the cost of the spare part.

He still talks about this contract to make Diageo Company fully reduce the supplier of a lot of MRO products field, such as the bearing, help to reduce company’s procurement management cost.

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