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Better Model QZ bearing seat Thrust cylinder get away sub bearing The loud water shakes China’s factory

30th November 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Contact: Gao JianHong
Company’s website: /100262815653.html
Telephone number: 13625138066 ? | ? 0515-89622221
Fax: 0515-89622221
Company’s address: China Jiangsu Yancheng Loud water county The loud water development zone increases income in the access road of industrialized country two
Zipcode: 224600
The loud water shakes auspiciously and spreads the moveable piece limited company to specialize in the bearing stand, SKF bearing seat, slip the bearing stand, rolling bearing stand, the bearing seat is sealed, the subdivision type bearing seat, SNL bearing stand, the bearing stand of casting steel, SD bearing stand, a series of bearing stand products technical force such as SN bearing stand,etc. are rich, the craft is well-equipped, detection means is complete, product every technical indicator reaches the international most advanced level. The products are mainly sold to more than 30 countries such as U.S.A., Japan, Italy, Belgium, Australia. <!–

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