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Bearing’s industry daily term and definition

27th October 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Bearing’s industry daily term and definition bearing term, the bearing is defined :

: First. Bearing:

One Rolling bearing introduction

1. Roll the bearing roll bear

Include and roll the part of one and bring or without isolating or guiding rolling the body group of one. Can be used for bearing radial, axial or radial and axial union load. Support and roll the bearing of sports among the parts of load and each other’s relative motion.

2. Uniline bearing singl row bear

Have a rolling bearing to roll body.

3. Pair lists the bearing doubl row bear

Have two rolling bearings to roll body.

4. List more bearings multi-row bear

The rolling bearing that accepts the same direction load, have rolling the body of more than two. Had better point out and list counting and bearing type, for example: ” Four get away sub bearing to the intersection of heart and cylinder ”

5. Install and roll the body bearing full complement bear fully

Last body each line week to among interval the sum of smaller than lasting the diameters and getting lighter as much as possible of body, there is no bearing which keeps the shelf. In order to make the bearing have good performance.

6. The angle contacts the bearing angular contact bear

The angle of nominal contact is big in 0 deg; And small in 90 deg; Rolling bearing.

7. Adjust the heart bearing self-align bear

Roll and say it is a bearing that be able to meet two angular deviation and angular motion between space of an axis of rolling of the sphere shape.

8. But the bearing separ bear separated

Have rolling bearing that can separate the part.

9. Can’t separate the bearing non-separ bear

Rolling bearing that one set of circles can’t separate of the bearing arbitrarily freely. After assembling finally.

For example there is half a set of circles 02 01 08 ball bearings do not slightly stipulate and contract terms separately of pair. Note: Separate the bearing of the part as to different methods.

10. Bearing inch bear of British system

The external dimension and rolling bearing which the person on a public errand expressed with the unit made in Great Britain while designing originally.

11. Turning on bearing open bear

There is no dustproof lid and seal the rolling bearing enclosed.

12. Seal and enclose the bearing seal bear

Equipped with the rolling bearing which seal the circle one side or two sides.

13. Dustproof lid bearing shield bear

Contain the rolling bearing of the dustproof lid in one side or two sides.

14. Closing bearing cap bear

One or two dustproof lids and a rolling bearing to seal enclosing and a dustproof lid. There are one or two sealed circles.

15. My lubricated bearing prelubr bear

The factory has already filled with the rolling bearing of lubricant.

16. Accurate bearing instrument precis bear of the instrument

Specialized rolling bearing of the instrument.

17. The group mixes the bearing match bear

Match or one group of rolling bearings.

Two To the heart bearing

1. To the heart bearing radial bear

Its angle of nominal contact is in 0 deg; Get to 45 deg; Between, used mainly for accepting the rolling bearing of radial load. The basic part, for inner circle, outer lane, tape or rolling without keeping the shelf physically.

2. The radial contacts the bearing radial contact bear

The angle of nominal contact is 0 deg; To heart rolling bearing.

3. The angle is contacted to the heart bearing angular contact radial bear

The angle of nominal contact is big in 0 deg; Get to 45 deg; To heart rolling bearing.

4. Exterior sphere bearing ins-ert bear

Wide inner circle that there are exterior sphere and tape to lock one is to the heart rolling bearing. Mainly used as simple outer cover.

5. Hole bearing taper bore bear of the awl

There is hole of awls to the heart rolling bearing in the inner circle.

6. Flange bearing flang bear

Generally there is flange of other radial to the heart rolling bearing on the outer lane or outer lane of the taper. First on the circles.

7. Gyro wheel Roll Bearing track roller roll bear

The ones that rolled on the guide as the wheel and there is thick sectional outer lane are to the heart rolling bearing. Such as the cam guide.

8. Block the enclosing gyro wheel ‘ Roll Bearing yoke type track roller roll bear

Equip with, block the gyro wheel rolling bearing enclosed while being flat by one.

9. The omnipotent group mixes the bearing univers match bear

Can be given the characteristic stipulated toward ganged installation in pairs first. It is arbitrary it choose every one or it is many suits of the same one to when not using together heart rolling bearing.


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