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[Bearing knowledge ] choice and use of the grease of bearing

24th September 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

[Bearing knowledge ] choice and use of the grease of bearing:

1. Lubricate the leaf spring with the graphite grease

Some pilots do not often use the graphite grease, but lubricate the leaf spring with calcium base grease when tertiary to keep fit, some even only brush the engine oil, in this way the leaf spring is easy to damage, especially while going under the condition with bad building site, highland and road conditions, the vehicle is jolt and big, the shock load of the leaf spring is large, vulnerableness.

Because graphite grease pluses the graphite among them, the graphite packs the mat surface of the steel between plates, have improved the withstand voltage, ability to able to bear shock load. Imitate the leaf spring vibration test of the car to indicate, use the leaf spring continuous shaking of calcium base grease 700 times to rupture, and use the leaf spring continuous shaking of the graphite grease 1500 times and just rupture, have long performance life more than one time.

2. Adopt the empty hub to lubricate

In front of the car, there are two kinds of bearing lubricated methods of rear wheel: One kind is except that the bearing is filled with the grease, the inner chamber of wheel nave all fill it up with the grease too, such conservative way is named all over hub to lubricate; Another kind is packed into the grease only on the bearing, only thin unfertile land of inner chamber of wheel nave spreads a layer of grease and antirusts, named the empty hub to lubricate.

Go on, lubricate to the intersection of car and hub bearing, someone get used to the intersection of wheel nave and the intersection of cavity pocket and the intersection of padding and grease, not only inutility of doing it in this way, but also harmful. After the cavity pocket padding grease of wheel nave, the bearing dispels the heat badly, resistance increases, the temperature rises, the grease accelerates going bad; The grease is heated and swollen, will crowd the bad oil seal, the grease flowing out drops down on the hub brake shoe, will make braking not work, lead to the accident. Empty intracavity scribble only thin thin one grease antirust, can prevent, endanger while being above-mentioned, it can save the grease in a large amount.

Regard liberating CA l091 as the example, adopt the all over hub and lubricate one and maintain one 17500km4 a wheel spend lipoprotein quantity to be 3. 5-4kg adopts the empty hub to lubricate and only need 0. About 5kg, fuller hub lubricates and saves more than 80%. According to testing, rotate the wheel with the strength on an equal basis, the empty hub can rotate 11 to lubricate. 5 circles, the full hub lubricates and only turns 6 circles, prove the empty hub is lubricated to saving power favorable so in the real work too, should adopt the empty hub to lubricate. Chinese car bearing network

3. The container, tool should be cleaned

While containing, distributing the grease, should check whether container and tool are clean. The container which contains the grease should be closed properly, prevent the mechanical admixture from mixing in. While using, if find grease appearance has dust, incidental,etc., should scrape off, can’t mix. Distributing the grease should use the specific purpose tool, the container, tool employ the plastic bag to be put in after using. Behind digging and fetching the lipoprotein, residual grease appearance should be wiped off, in order to prevent dividing the oil.

4. Choose the breeds, trade marks of the grease rationally

At present, the country is most the vehicles uses the calcium base grease for the 2nd, the 3rd, this can meet the demands under general service conditions, consistency of calcium base grease minor 2 among them, from easy to annotate and reduce the intersection of frictional resistance and view, consider, such as using the temperature non- high, the calcium base grease is comparatively suitable to take the 2nd. But the highest consumption temperature of the calcium base grease is lower than about 5 ℃ of calcium base grease of the 3rd on the 2nd, if go in the South summer or mountain area, under more high situation of the bearing temperature, not so effectual as calcium base grease of the 3rd.

The question of maximum in use of calcium base grease is that the temperature-resistance is bad, can surmount 7080 ℃ while using the temperature, otherwise, will soften and run off. The car goes under different conditions, the temperature differs greatly. For example: By generally driving the method and going on the general mountain path of Beijing area, about 60 ℃ of temperature of hub bearing, can use the calcium base grease for the 2nd or the 3rd.

If there are more downhill paths, frequently use and brake, brake a large amount of heat happens in the hub, the heat will reach the bearing, bearing temperature is reachable 7080 ℃, if use calcium base grease, the oil phenomenon will flow. In this case, should use the sodium based grease or ball bearing lipoprotein of calcium Or lithium-base grease. The intersection of calcium and sodium based the intersection of grease and the intersection of water resistance and difference, can’t use in, wade at the aqueous car frequently. In summer in the South, while especially playing the long slope, the bearing temperature can exceed 100 ℃, preferably use the grease of lithium-base. Otherwise, will make the grease soften and run off, not only waste the grease but also make the bearing damage ahead of time.

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