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[Bearing knowledge ] bearing heats four major development trends of treatment technology

14th December 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

[Heat four major development trends of treatment technology with Chinese car bearing network bearing knowledge ] bearing:

The direct influence bearing heat treatment quality, and energy consumption and polluting of handling the equipment of heat of the bearing. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology, the technical development trend of the heat treatment mainly reflects in several following respects:

A energy-conserving heat treatment

Choose the new energy utilization factor equipped in order to improve the heat treatment of thermal insulation materials; Optimize heat treatment process, raise the craft output, give full play to the ability of the apparatus. The test in doing of every bearing producer of the present stage, for example fully utilize waste heat, residual heat, some producer already use has forged the spheroidizing annealing that the residual heat carried on the part of the bearing; Adopt the low, cycle of consuming energy short craft long in place of cycle, great craft,etc. of consuming energy; Make bainite, quench craft, on certain level, in the a certain limit, it quenches crafts to be long with shorter bainite consuming energy loud cementation crafting in place of cycle.

2 has not oxidized the heat treatment little

Adopted and safeguard the atmosphere and heat the controllable atmosphere heated to carbon tendency, nitrogen tendency of accuracy control in place of the oxidation ambient to heat, characteristic of part improve after heat handle, heat handle defect such as oxidizing, decarbonizating and crackle,etc. reduce greatly, the hot and treated precise finishing allowance is reduced, has raised utilization factor and machine process efficiency of the materials. The vacuum heats air quenching, vacuum or undervoltage cementation, nitridating, nitrogen carbon and oozes and oozes boron etc. and can improve the work piece quality obviously together, reduce distortion, raise the life-span.

3 cleans the heat treatment

Heat handle produce formative waste water, waste gas, waste salt, waste oil and electromagnetic radiation,etc., can lead to the fact pollution to the environment. Solve the heat treated problem of environmental pollution, implement the clean heat treatment or green environment protective heat treatment One of the directions in which heat handles the technical development. This has all proposed the high requirement to heat treated atmosphere, quenching oil and washing equipment. Bearing enterprises

4 accurate heat treatment

The accurate heat treatment fully guarantees to optimize technological stability, it is very small may zero to realize the dispersity of product quality Heat handle distortion for zero, reduce the intersection of grinding and allowance, raise production efficiency, save materials. Realize the accurate heat is handled there must be good furnace temperature homogeneity, reliability of controlling the temperature, and good cooling effect and stability of quenching agent. Realize accurate heat of bearing handle, can walk quench and the intersection of induction hardening and two Luis wholly.

The intersection of bearing and heat handle the subsequent processing quality of direct relation, so that influence usability and life-span of the part finally, the heat treatment of the bearing is energy consumption rich and influential family and heavy polluter in the bearing is made at the same time.

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