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Bearing heat treatment technology and equip ‘ Three)

31st July 2013 Bearing Technology 1 Comment

The water based quenching medium is aqueous solution composed of organic polymer, corrosion inhibitor and other additive. Get different cooled characteristics through changing organic polymeric type and density, with suitable for different the intersection of bearing and part, quench, cool, require. In the course of quenching cooling, the organic matter adheres to the surface of the part, can reduce the part and quench the danger that fractures, and does not produce the soot, it is convenient to wash, pollution-free, it is the developing direction of the quenching medium.

It is a medium commonly used nitrogen that the gas is quenched to adopt the inactive gas ,Spray compressing the spray nozzle of special planning of the passage of gas to the surface of the work piece, in order to realize quenching cooling of the work piece. Through regulating gaseous pressure and all right controlled chilling characteristic of structure of the spray nozzle and deforming. The gas quenches and quenches cleaner than the water base, and the cost is lower, its critical technology is constructional design of a spray nozzle. The Chinese gas quenches and still at the starting stage in the field of bearing, there is certain disparity in structure designing technique of the spray nozzle.

It is to influence the work piece to quench another great factor of the result to quench and cool and equip besides quenching medium. China quench, cool equipment control parameter less, control to the intersection of oil and gentle cycle of oil only generally the present stage. Quench oil scupper, implement to a commonly used one multiparameter control is for instance, the intersection of oil and warm, cooled characteristic, circulation and direction of mixing of oil of oil abroad, and speed, work piece enter way of oil,etc., until optimal to quench organization and characteristic, reduce deformation to minimum extent at the same time. Some bearing producers in China are trying multiparameter control too, through carry on work piece enter the intersection of oil and control of way, solve the part of the bearing and quench the change of the angle in the course to the intersection of taper and bearing.

Quench the press machine to already employ in China automatically in many work station, but automaticity can not be caught up with abroad.

6It is usually a indispensable process after oil quenching that the washing equipment is washed. The washing equipment that the serial production line uses generally finishes the hot soap water soaking, fresh water spraying and course that the hot wind dries,etc., and there are disconnecting gears of profit. In the advanced washing equipment, still plus the two-shot cooling device furnished with the refrigeration equipment before drying, the temperature is in 5- Adjustable between 10 ℃ ,In order to reduce the content of the residual austenite, improve the stability of the size. China washing equipment of the present stage mainly adopts the high-pressure cleaning fluid to wash, the washing, until via hole and little the intersection of oil and ditch invalid, cause back fire soot more often, pollution loud, still cause and catch fire sometimes.

It is the washing equipment developed in recent years that the vacuum is washed. The advantage of this kind of washing equipment is: It is effectual to wash, especially the washing result to the complicated part of structure is more apparent, the surface of the work piece is bright after washing; Safe and cleaning, the cleaning fluid is the fresh water, do not add to environment harmful chloride and petroleum solvent; High in automaticity,and it can utilize it wash if you can’t heat, substitute by low temperature,save expenseses back fire. In recent years, the application effect that ultra sonic cleaning, eddy current wash on the heat treatment is very good too.

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