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Bearing foundation; Chinese and English contrast of the bearing noun

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1.Start the moment startingtorque

Make a bearing one set of circles or washers begin the moment required to rotate to another fixed sets of circles or washers.

2.Rotate the moment runningtorque

When a bearing one set of circles or washers rotates, moments needed of preventing another set of circles or washers from moving.

3.Load radialload of the radial

Act on the load of the vertical bearing axis thread direction.

4.Axial load axialload

Act on the load of the parallel bearing axis thread direction.

5.Dead load staticload

When the relative rotational speed of one set of circles or washers of the bearing is zero ‘ To heart or thrust bearing Or when the component is rolling the direction and having no movement to rolling Straight line bearing ,Load of acting on bearing.

6.Move load dynamicload

When relatively rotating in bearing one set of circles or washers ‘ To heart or thrust bearing Or when the component is rolling the direction and moving to rolling Straight line bearing ,Load of acting on bearing.

7.Load equivalentload of equivalent

Calculate the general term used for theory load, in the particular occasion, the bearing is like bearing actual load under the load function of this theory.

8.Radial Axial Basic specified dead load basicstaticradial axial loadrating

With roll body and roll total permanent the intersection of deformation amount and radial dead load that correspond to of line ‘ Axial dead load in the centre . Under zero load, roll son and roll line get away sub bearing In order to or assume as the normal bus bar ‘ Keep in touch completely When, here

It is exposed to the stress, roll the body with rolling one contacts total permanent deformation amount produced in place in order to roll 0.0001 times of the body diameter that the most greatly. Contact bearing, the intersection of radial and for cause the intersection of bearing and sets of circle face each other pure the intersection of radial and displacement specified load to the intersection of uniline and horn

Radial weight of load.

9.Radial Axial Basic amount moves load basicdynamicradial axial loadrating

The invariable radial is loaded ‘ Invariable axial load of centre ,Under loading, the rolling bearing can be basic specified life-span transferred 1 million to in theory. Contact the bearing to the angle of uniline, should be directly to specified load in order to cause the bearing set

Enclose and face each other the weight of the load of displacement of pure radial.

10.Life-span Ones that point a set of bearings life

One sets of circle or one washer or one material to roll body of bearing present tired expand, for the first time, each circle or a washer, to revolution of one set of circles or a washers of another one. The life-span can also be used in to the invariable rotational speed definitely

It is expressed that the number hour of operation under comes.

11.Dependability Ones that point bearing life-span reliability

A group of almost the same rolling bearings operating under the same condition expect reaching or over percentages of a certain bearings which stipulate the life-span. The dependability of a set of bearings reaches or exceeds the probability of the fixed life-span for this bearing.

12.Specified life-span ratinglife

Move the load or basic amount of axial and move load as the predicted value of the basic life-span with the basic amount of the radial.

13.Basic specified life-span basicratinglife

Specified life-span associated with 90% of the dependability.

14.Coefficient lifefactor of the life-span

Move load or basic amount and move load axially in order to get and give making the basic specified radial of corresponding life-span by norm, suitable for moving the revision coefficient of load in equivalent.

15.Take the stand bearing plummerblock

To the intersection of heart and one assembly that bearing stay with seat association, have, support baseplate to install the screw at the intersection of support and surface that parallel to bearing axis thread.

16.Vertical seat plummerblockhousing

Install the rolling bearing and use seats.

17.Flange seat flangedhousing

Have the intersection of radial and flange and support at the surface having, supporting first flat of screw hole that install, take it in transverse to bearing axis thread.

18.Fix the envelope adaptersleeve closely

There are collets split axially of cylindrical inner hole, its outer surface and the little end has exterior whorls for the taper shape. Use for, have the intersection of awl and bearing of hole install ‘ Use locknut and lock washer On the axle with cylindrical outer surface.

19.Retreat and unload the envelope withdrawalsleeve

There are collets that cylindrical inner hole opens axially, there are exterior whorls for taper shape and main aspect in its outer surface. Use for, have the intersection of awl and bearing of hole install or dismantle at cylindrical axle of outer surface ‘ Use the nut .

20.Locknut locknut

There are nuts of cylindrical outer surface and axial trough, lock the nut with claw and annular board hand outside one of the lock washer. Used for the rolling bearing making a reservation axially.

21.Lock washer lockwasher

There is steel sheet washer of a lot of other claws. The claw is used in the locknut outside one, the claw is inserted and booked in the axial trough in set or axis closely in one.

22.Off-centre envelope eccentriclockingcollar

There is groove steel rim of off-centre of relatively inner hole on one end, install and extend the end in equal off-centre of the bearing inner circle of exterior sphere. Rotate relative to inner circle the intersection of off-centre and set in order to being inner circle firm and urgent, then fasten, carry silk, make it firm and urgent at axle.

23.Concentric envelope concentriclockingcollar

Install steel rim on exterior the intersection of sphere and the intersection of bearing and wide inner circle, have of silk fasten, enter on the inner circle on hole and keep in touch with the axle.

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