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Bearing 30205

10th September 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Supply taper get away sub bearing

New great bearing supply taper, get away sub bearing from stock, the type is complete, cheap; The brand is as follows, Harbin, Wafangdian, Luoyang, univesal, the Great Wall, importing SKF, NSK,etc.; The type is as follows, 3022 to 3024, 30302 to 30334, 32204 to 32248, 32304 to 32330, 30606 to 30621, 32004 to 32056, 32904 to 32952, 31303 to 31330, 33005 to 33030, 33205 to 33221, 33106 to 33124, 352011 to 352072, 352210 to 352236, 352920 to 352972, 35212 to 352152. And 7 kinds of British system are nonstandard.
The company lies in Shandong Liaocheng economic development zone, the traffic is convenient, the logistics condition is superior, the company becomes the long-term suppliers of numerous companies of our country at the swift service, cheap price. New great bearing deal in brand the intersection of producer and original packaging normal product, quality reliable dealing in by sincerity. Welcome the incoming telegram to condescend to inquire. Consulting telephone: 13963566141

The name of product: Bearing 30205 New type: 30205 old types: 7205E internal diameter: 25( mm) External diameter: 52( mm) Thickness: 15( mm) Weight: 0.154( kg) Use: Taper roll sub bearing belong to person who separate usually, bring up, roll son and keep sets of the intersection of taper and the intersection of inner circle and the intersection of assembly and permitted and taper outer lane (outer lane) that inner circle make up of assembly Install separately; The taper rolls the sub bearing is used in trades such as the car, rolling mill, mine, metallurgy, plastic machinery,etc. extensively. Type: Sub bearing of the taper roller

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