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Ball bearing 62042Z/Z3, 6204RS.6204RS/Z2 of accurate major groove of the bearing of Wei workshop LYC Luoyang

27th October 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

The major groove ball bearing mainly bears the radial load, it is the axial load also can bear a certain amount, the coefficient of friction of this kind of bearing is small, the rotational speed is high rapidly, dimensional range and form change variously, used accurate instrument, electrical machinery, car motor and general machinery with low noise,etc., it is the most extensive kind of bearing in mechanical industry
The cylindrical roller is a kind of separate type bearing, its Internal and external cycle and roller are linear contact, rub the department small, bears the ability of radial load more largely, is suitable for electron, car, drive shaft, gear shaft,etc., two-bank roller and suitable for the basic shaft of the lathe

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