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Balanced set of piece runs rapidly at the scene of SKF new Microlog

29th August 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

SKF Company is a first-class intellectual company. This company has extended its SKF Microlog serial portable data collecting systems and promoted a new applying to the balanced ideal apparatus of rotor scene. SKF Microlog on-the-spot equalizer is the ideal choice of the rewinding machine of the electrical machinery, can support the very flat and two-sided equilibrium the form; Before the engineer leaves the scene, can offer simple trying equilibrating the final report running.

The innovative SKF Microlog on-the-spot equalizer can guarantee the mechanical equipment gives play to the best performance, and reduce the operating cost. Adopt the solid type high-speed processor, this on-the-spot equalizer can reveal the change of amplitude and photo corner in real time, and calculate best test and revision weight according to the demand.

SKF holding Microlog on-the-spot equalizer combined SKF reliable equilibrating tough one and FFT analysis and pump and measuring the module, the problem out-of-balance of assisting to confirm existing at the beginning, or discern other ordinary mechanical breakdowns. Apparatus this adopt the intersection of screen and the intersection of step and guide, quiet strength uneven and coupling uneven it moves uneven to be can very much easy to correcting, no matter is it or the fixed position to sustain 360 degrees.

The high-performance SKF Microlog on-the-spot equalizer is compact, easy to operate, and there is solid humanization of IP-65 quota that is designed, guarantee the reliable and ultra and long-time service life-span. And can be in 6.4 of its high-resolution ” See user’s help clearly on VGA colored display screen, that is to say that has not shaken the use that expert and experienced service engineer can be very relaxed.

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