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Axle shed installation of the air blower

30th April 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Brief introduction that the air blower is installed that the axle flows

Preparation before installing

The manual that should be familiarized with the air blower in an all-round way before installing, clarify the ventilating system drawing that the air blower worked, unpack and check whether every part of the air blower is complete, the outside of chassis has been damaged, especially should notice whether the head rectifier damages deforming, it is close that every part is linked, whether the electrical machinery of the blade is damaged, it is flexible that the impeller rotates, if discover the problems and should repair and adjust. Check the installation foundation of the air blower, it must have enough intensity and rigidity, the load while running, check whether the size of hookup of foundation and air blower accords with the designing requirement at the same time by bearing the air blower.

Installation of the air blower

1,Air blower lie type install link the bolt, affix shock absorber to the air blower machine flat, with centre being high to adjust backing board, regulate every shock absorber horizontal height, make air blower firm at welding at the connection stencil plate at the foundation with set bolt, for instance the air blower does not need shock absorber because ruggedized, link bolt of burying in advance on spiral shell hole and foundation on the air blower machine seat directly.

2,The same that the type is installed in the basic demand and lying that horizontal installation air blower is installed on the side wall, but the installation bracket is made into the oblique arm supporting type, the bracket should have enough intensity and rigidity, 10 #s and more than air blowers are unsuitable to adopt this kind of installation way.

3,Install and link shock absorber and air blower into an organic whole with the bolt first in suspended type, the symmetrical installation of shock absorber, are disposed both sides of air blower center, promote the air blower to insert and install the support hanging directly, hang height of support, look at actual space from make by user by oneself, 16 # the above-mentioned air blower seldom adopt this kind of installation pattern.

4,Type install unanimity vertically to install the intersection of air blower and vertical the intersection of installation and method and lie, require stricter to the intersection of air blower and intensity and rigidity of foundation.

Air blower and connection of the both ends pipeline must adopt the flexibility to connect, in order to isolate and shake and protect the air blower.

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