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” axle of Daye ” -The ones that turn round and support are new Yes and application

30th July 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

It is that one can bear greater axial load, radial load and topple the moment etc. to turn round and support at the same time and synthesize the bearing of the loaded special structure. Generally speaking, turning round has mounting holes, lubricating oil holes and seal installations to support oneself, can meet different demands of all kinds of host computers for working under all kinds of operating mode conditions; On the other hand, turn round, support itself have compact leading, rotating helping, simple maintaining characteristicking such as being easy installation, is used in the handling machinery extensivelied, excavates machinery, machinery of the building, port machinery, medical apparatus and war industry etc. turning round on the device.
Turn round and support and can be divided into according to different structure patterns: Contact ball type, double horn contact ball type, cross cylinder roll minor and three cylinder roll the intersection of son and making up type,etc. four o’clock. Whether all kinds of above-mentioned bearings brought different structure such as the dividing into having a tooth type, other tooth type and inner tooth type again of distribution position of tooth and gear according to it.
Turning round can meet the demands of different job host computers under the load condition to support separately according to different structure characteristics.

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