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” axle of Daye ” -Structural type introduction of the sub bearing that the taper rolls

30th July 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The taper rolls the sub bearing is mainly suitable for bearing radial and axial union load relying mainly on radial load, and large the intersection of awl and the intersection of corner and taper get away the sub bearing 27 degrees- 30 degrees ,Can bear the union load relying mainly on axial load. The taper rolls the sub bearing, for the separating bearing, its inner assembly and outer lane can be installed respectively, can adjust radial backlash and axial backlash of the bearing in the course of installing and using, also can have full of installinged.

1. Uniline taper roll sub 30000 type bearing
This kind of bearing can limit the axial displacement of a direction of axle or outer cover, bear the axial load of a direction. Will produce additional axial force under the loaded function of the radial, so while supporting in two of the axle, outer lane and terminal surface of the same name of the inner circle of the bearing are relatively installed. If use alone, its extra axial force, must be greater than additional axial force.

2. Pair list taper get away sub bearing 350000, 37000, 87000 type
The bearing adopt, get away an outer lane by one ‘ One pair rolls in an inner circles With two inner circles ‘ Two outer lanes ,Liang piece inner circle Two outer lanes Between yes, let’s if you can’t hit, separate by circle Or cageless ,Changing can adjust the backlash of the bearing through the thickness that is enclosed. While bearing the radial loadedly, can bear the two-way axial load.

3. Four taper roll sub 380000 type bearing
The bearing adopt, roll dishes of inner circle by two, one roll dishes of outer lane with two form get away an outer lane, used for the separating and enclosing of backlash of adjustment between inner circle, outer lane. Can bear larger radial load. But the terminal rotational speed is low, are used mainly in heavy-duty machinery such as rolling mill,etc..

4. Sub bearing type of rolling of the British system taper

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