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” axle of Daye ” -Structural performance introduction of the sub bearing that the cylinder rolls

30th July 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Cylinder roll to roll son with roll, say, revise line, keep in touch, dispel the intersection of edge and stress sub bearing. Compared with ball bearing the same in external dimension, have bearing capacity of higher radials. In view of structure, this kind of bearing is suitable for use in the rotation of high speed.

Structural pattern

1 . Outer lane have block N0000 type and inner circle have block and the intersection of Model NU0000 and cylinder get away sub bearing
This kind of bearing can bear larger radial load, the terminal rotational speed is high, do not limit the axial displacement of the axle or outer cover, can’t bear the axial load.
2 . Inner, outer lane tape block cylinder of side get away sub bearing
NJ0000 type, Model NF0000 bearing can limit the axial displacement of axle or a direction of outer cover, and can bear smaller unidirectional axial load. NU0000 HJ0000 type, NJ0000 HJ0000 type, Model NUP0000 bearing, can limit the axial displacement of axle or outer cover two directions within the range of axial interval of the bearing. And can bear smaller two-way axial load.

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