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” axle of Daye ” -Structural introduction of ball bearing of the deep ditch

30th July 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The deep ditch ball bearing can’t belong to the separating bearing, the characteristic such as being high of simple rotational speed with small, terminal coefficient of friction of having structure, it is the widest kind of bearing of range of application. This sharp bearing mainly bears the radial load, can also bear certain axial load. When the radial backlash of the bearing is strengthened, have function that angles are exposed to the ball bearing, can bear larger axial load.
Structural form
The deep ditch ball bearing has many kinds of structural patterns, besides common turning on bearing, can also provide for user and wear dustproof overlaying, pair and wear and overlay dustproofly, wear and seal and enclose and seal the bearing with various types of one pair of one that wear and seal and enclose structures only only. Various sealed bearings have already been packed with lubricating grease before the bearing is dispatched from the factory, users needn’t wash and add lubricating grease while installing and using. In addition it offer outer lane tape to stop, move dark the intersection of ditch and ball bearing of trough, because bearing this can adopt, stop, work up ring, fix bearing in the bearing cases conveniently very, so should pay the utmost attention to selecting for use while installing the position and is limited.
The deep ditch ball bearing adopts the stencil plate to press the wave shape and keep the shelf, can also adopt the entity and keep the shelf.

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