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” axle of Daye ” -Brief introduction of ball bearing performance of thrust

30th July 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The washer shape of one rolls the way is enclosed with the ball and kept a assembly forming to roll by the tape. Cooperate with axle roll line enclose, call axle, enclose, cooperate with outer cover roll line enclose, call of circle.

Two-way bearing cooperate with axle the centre circle.

The unidirectional bearing can bear unidirectional axial load, the two-way bearing can bear two-way axial load the two can’t bear radial load .

The bearing that the installation of the circle of seat personallies submit the sphere adjusts heart performance, can reduce the influence of installing the error.

Thrust ball bearing belongs to the separating bearing.

Structural pattern
1. 51000 type unidirectional thrust ball bearing
This structural bearing can only bear the axial load of a direction, can limit the axial movement of a direction of axle and outer cover.
2. The angle of thrust contacts the 560000 type ball bearing
Thrust corner contact ball bearing, adopt the entity, keep the shelf generally, this structural bearing can bear the axial load, can bear certain radial load at the same time.

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