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Attentive matters of maintenance of INA bearing

27th November 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

It is the accurate part to roll INA bearing, it should be very prudent to use. Even high-quality INA bearing, will neither act as, nor receive the anticipated result if use.

The use attentive matters of INA bearing are as follows.

Keep the cleaning of INA bearing and surrounding environment

Even the small dust that can not be seen by the naked eye, will bring the harmful effects to INA bearing. So, keep clean around, make the dust not invade INA bearing.

Use carefully carefully.

Assault in using strongly for INA bearing, will produce scar or compression, bring out the accident. When being serious, will cause the crack, rupture, must notice.

Use INA bearing specific purpose tool.

Must use the specific purpose tool, can’t substitute at will.

Prevent INA bearing from getting rusty.

While operating INA bearing, the hand sweat will cause and get rusty. Should notice, operate with clean hands, try hard to take gloves, look out for the gas of corrosivity.

2. Installation

Whether the installation of INA bearing is correct, the precision, life-span and performance while influencing the use of bearing directly. So, design and assemble the department as to the thing that abundant research in the installation of INA bearing yes, go on according to the operation or work standard. The operation or work standard project is usually as follows:

Wash INA bearing and relevant spare part

Check size and precision of the relevant spare part


Check after INA bearing installation

Pack lubricant

Hope that during installation, and then turn on INA bearing packaging. When the general lipoprotein is lubricated, do not wash the bearing, pack lubricating grease directly. When oil lubricate, generally either needn’t wash, but instrument wait with high speed with INA bearing, wash with the clean oil, remove the rust inhibitor scribbling on INA bearing. Remove INA bearing of rust inhibitor, apt to get rusty, so can’t put at will.

Moreover, have already enclosed INA bearing of lubricating grease, does not wash and use directly.

INA bearing installation method, varies with bearing structure, cooperating, condition, because generally rotate for the axle more, so the inner circle needs full of cooperatinging. Cylinder hole INA bearing, the multi-purpose press is pressed, or heat holds the method. The occasion of the hole of the awl, fix on cone-shaped axle directly, or use closely set is installed definitely.

While installing to INA bearing seat, adopt the interval to cooperate more, when the outer lane has had full ofing amount, usually press with the press, or use the installation method of contracting of cold after cooling. Make with dry ice coolant is cold to contract the occasion installed, the moisture in the air will condense on the surface of the bearing. So need to take the measure of antirusting.

3. Operate and check

After INA bearing is installed, in order to check whether it is correct to install, need to operate and check. Small-scale machinery can be rotated with hands, in order to confirm that it is smooth to rotate. It is not smooth to have operation incurred because of foreign matter, scar, compression to check the project, because it is bad to install, the mount pad is processed badly but the moment of production is unstable, the moment caused because it is small to pass installing the error, sealed friction in the backlash is too big,etc.. Have unusual can power turn round at the beginning.

Large-scale machinery can’t be rotated manually, so empty load cuts off motive force immediately after starting, machinery dallies, vibration, noise, gyro unit keep in touch etc. to check, after being unusual, enter motive force and operate.

Motive force operates, begin from empty load at a low speed, the amount to the condition made of improvement slowly operates. It checks items to be that have unusual stereo, the intersection of INA and the intersection of bearing and change, leakage or allochromasis of lubricant of temperature,etc. in the running-in. If find abnormality, should suspend operating immediately, check machinery, should pull down the bearing inspection if necessary.

INA bearing temperature, can generally infer according to the outside temperature of bearing stands. But it is more accurate to utilize oil hole to measure the temperature of the outer lane of INA bearing directly. INA bearing temperature, rises gradually since operating, usually the temperature is made 1~2 hours later. If INA bearing is installed badly, the temperature will rise sharply, the high temperature of becoming abnormal. Reason its such as the intersection of lubricant and too much, INA bearing backlash cross littly and installing the bad, seal installation to rub too big, etc. The high-speed occasion rotated, INA bearing structure, choice mistake of the lubricated way,etc. are its reason too.

The turning sound of INA bearing is checked with stethoscope,etc., stronger metal noise, different sound, irregular sound,etc. prove unusually. Its reason lubricates the bad, axle or INA bearing stand bearing damaging, foreign matter bad in precision to invade etc..

4. Dismantlement

Need to dismantle INA bearing during regular overhauling, change. After dismantling, if continuing using or needing the inspection to carry on the investigation, dismantle wanting and install equally prudently. Pay attention to not damaging bearing and part, especially dismantle and full of cooperating with the bearing, operate the big difficulty, so should consider in advance that easy to dismantle on design phase. It is very important to design and make and dismantle tools too according to the need. While dismantling, study the cooperation terms of dismantling the method, order, investigation INA bearing according to the drawing, in order to dismantle the homework and go on smoothly.

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