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Attentive matters of FAG cylindrical roller bearing inuse lubricating grease

7th December 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

It lubricates course this to be to can’t little in the intersection of FAG and using process of bearing, but method that lubricate have many, various question that lubricating method should while lubricated notice have nothing in common with each other too, this cause fascination of user, attentive matters until here give you recommend cylindrical the intersection of roller and the intersection of bearing and oil lubrication and grease what does it have today.

1,The grease is lubricated

Cylindrical roller bearing lubricate, implement at time when the project apparatus shuts down preferably again, go on, supplement regularly, meanwhile, remove old oil or via let out empty to crowd the old oil out oil. Should polish the pump nozzle clean before adding the fresh oil. If FAG bearing housing does not have pump nozzle, should turn on the case lid of the bearing or end cap, in order to take out old oil, clear up, supplementary the same fresh oil of type.

2,Lubricate the oil lubrication

Check oil level and oil of the lubricating oil regularly, generally speaking, the normal oil level should be in Windows of oil level of an apparatus or 1/3-2/3 of the ranges labelled. Oil makeup way belong to lubricator, its expicity oil level only represents ability of oil makeup, and cylindrical the intersection of roller and the intersection of bearing housing and oil level to meet service requirement, the intersection of oil level and less than its full-size 1/4 can consider oil makeup in the lubricator.

The method of oil makeup of check sum, the lubricating oil which is taken out drib is compared with fresh lubricating oil as the sample, the capable unit can consider testing the oil, so as to ensure the oil is qualified. If the sample seems to be the cloud vaporifically, it then may be a result mixed with water, that is to say the oil which everybody often says is emulsified, should change the lubricating oil at this moment.

If sample melanized or thickening Cheng thick, may then show the lubricating oil has already begun carbonization, should change the old lubricating oil completely. If it is possible, would use the fresh lubricating oil to develop the oil passage. While changing the lubricating oil, should guarantee new, old types of lubricating oil changed are the same, and the oil level of meeting the demands supplemented.

Using the inner oil of FAG bearing must have result of antirustings, rust inhibitor can preferably be insoluble in water. The oil should have good adhesion to form a layer of oil films on the surface of steel products, even if grease is full of water and can also be maintained. The oil will be softened during machine work, result in letting out. Acting as has vibrating application examples, the oil will be got rid of from cylindrical roller pedestal in the bearing. If mechanical stability of the oil is not enough, the oil will be got out outside the bearing constantly, in this way can make structure of soap produce mechanical disintegration and use the oil destroy.

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