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Attentive matters of agricultural machinery part assembly

28th November 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The attentive matters of agricultural machinery part assembly:

: In the agricultural machinery is maintained, because some parts are not limited by structure, you will hold inside out if you are careless slightly while assembling, leave agricultural machinery the potential trouble hidden danger. So, must arouse attention while assembling.

1 . Air cylinder cushion. Have the intersection of oil and hole, must make it and organism, jar stamp the corresponding oil passageway hole at align, mixing angry organizationing, causing friction because of the disconnected oil so as not to cause jar build. It is all the same that there are no oil passageway hole and positive and negative shape, the material covered with the jar is confirmed: Cover as to the aluminium alloy jar, the air cylinder should move towards the cylinder block to curl one side to cover; Cover as to the casting iron jar, the air cylinder covers and curls one side and should be covered towards the jar.

2 . Piston and piston-ring. There is piston of marks such as upward arrowheads,etc. on the top, the direction that should stipulate according to the mark is installed; There is no mark, should carry the piston the little gap orientation by the vortex dent or dent to gush out one side of oil device, in order to guarantee gas is mixed evenly. While assembling the piston-ring, there are the tops” Have ” , ” UP” Wait for the mark, should be up; Top have the intersection of distortion and ring of mark, inner round groove its or it changes corners to be should be downward; Plate chromium ring outer cover shinily Should install in the first piston-ring trough, every ring should stagger 120- 180 degrees to open, in order to guarantee its sealed result.

3 . Connecting rod and connecting rod lid. Horizontal connecting rod of diesel engine to adopt 45 subdivision, should the section downward, in order to improve receiving the strength situation of the connecting rod bolt. The connecting rod is covered with the connecting rod is to mate and process, it is the same as one side that should make the mark mating in while assembling, in order to guarantee round degree, cylinder degree of the connecting rod bearing accord with fixed requirement.

4 . The main bearing covers, the axle bush or bushing. The main bearing covers and adopts and mates to bore and pare processing with the organism bearing seat, should sit in the right seat according to the mark of mating, can’t exchange or change and assemble the direction at will, so as not to destroy the co-axle degree and size precision of the main bearing seat hole. There is axle bush or bushing of oil hole, should aim at the corresponding oil passageway hole on the bearing seat, bushing hole, in order to guarantee the oil passage is unblocked.

5 . The jar is covered on the bolt. If one of the bolt is a thick tooth whorl, the other end is a thin tooth whorl, should fasten the whorl end of thick tooth into the organism; If both ends of the bolt are the detailed tooth, should twist shorter one end into the organism, by covering and compressing tightly the jar.

6 . Oil pump and gushing out the oil pump. The engine oil adopts the planet to turn minor, should pour the exterior rotor the angle and move towards the body of pump, in case that the engine oil circulates and reduces the pump oil pressure in the pump by oneself. The fuel sprayer axle should aim at the localization hole on the body of the pump to orient the trough to put the shape of crescent moon in to fill in, the column is filled in the mark on or go back oil groove Should install up, so as not to cause and does not offer the oil or diesel engine ” The driving ” .

7 . Drive shaft and drive chain. The transmission fork in both ends of the drive shaft should be in the same level, so as not to cause the transmission part to turn back and shake and damage. Transmission roller chain adopted the spring checkpost, should make its end direction of opening opposite to movement direction of the roller chain, in case that collided and lossed and imported pump Caster’s red wine in sports.

8 . Drive wheel. The drive wheel has upward arrowhead mark, should make it point to rotatory direction of the tire while advancing; There is no mark, see the drive wheel from behind the locomotive, it ” Eight ” Shape or ” People ” The apex of the shape pattern should be up.


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