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Application of THK guide – -Ordinary industrial machinery

31st December 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

In the field that was gone on manually in the past and produced, realize automation and save the workforce by various manufacture machinery now. The products of THK are used widely in this respect, from only repeating the same apparatus operated accurately, high-efficiently, the apparatus which realizes craft of working with great cares arrive, can all see the figure of THK products.

Electron moulding plastics and taking shape machine

Drive from hydraulic pressure to electric drive. For in environment protecting mode reason, a lot of manufacturer use instead, mould taking shape machine electronically. In these machines, have used the heavy load carrying on one’s shoulder or back ball guide screw the same as fastening strength of the traditional hydraulic jar, and high just sex LM orbit, in order to realize the accurate mould made a reservation.


How fast it will be punching speed? Press speed, accelerate constantly, have great ball to lead Cheng guide screw very suitable to promote the intersection of steel sheet and work piece in a manner to accelerate by a wide margin or moderate. In order to realize such high-speed action, can use ball keepers type LM guide and ball guide screw.

The resin welds the apparatus

Weld two pieces of resin to manage, must make it pigeonhole and mix while heating it together along a straight line at the fixed pressure. Through being in charge of carrying on the localization to the resin with LM guide, can guarantee such accurate and reliable welding quality.

The level compresses the baling press

Ball keepers type LM guide and accurate keepers type ball silk thick stick HBN type, are used the scratch paper in the paper mill and compressed the electron of the baling press to drive the system. Pushed and compressed the press template by hydraulic jar in the past, but the degradation of the oil spill and oil will take place while the apparatus safeguards, have caused pollution to wasted paper and perimeter apparatus. And the ball silk thick stick HBN type can bear the high load equal to hydraulic jar, so through pushing the motor to drive together with ball silk thick stick HBN type, the oil spill question can be dispelled. Moreover, this can also make the structure of the baling press more compact.

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