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Application of the lubricated bearing of gas

31st October 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Application embodiment in the lathe of lubricated bearing of gas

The lubricated bearing of gas is used mainly in the main shaft to support in the lathe, including axle of the work piece, axle of the cutter, emery wheel axle,etc.. Lathe main shaft bearing adopt angry to press bearing while being quiet generally and sound pigeonhole mix two kinds of bearings. The small-scale high-speed main shaft can also adopt the wave foil bearing. Gas quiet to pigeonhole bearing, apply in lathe, most, reduce expenditure and reduce expenditure bearing to be most general the ring with aperture among them. Porous quality gas quiet to pigeonhole bearing, used in into voluntarily quiet to pigeonhole and mix the lubricated bearing lathe more and more in recent years. It is a lubricated bearing of gas at a high speed developed newly in recent years that ring sound floats to pigeonhole the gas bearing, it is very promising to used in the high-speed main shaft and support.

Ultrafast the intersection of air and the intersection of bearing and whom inner round rub in front of the head rub, sharpen speed, can realize aperture and little precision of aperture rub and pare already. Adopt the air bearing to make the machining accuracy of the lathe improve 2- 3 orders of magnitude, can realize the accurate surface of the mirror is processed.

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