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Application in the demagnetization of bearing is measured of VB technology

31st May 2013 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Demagnetization is a vital detection production process in bearing grinding is processed, change by geometric shape of part and machining accuracy directly though it,it will influence machining accuracy of bearing and product quality. In the automatically controlled feedback system, VB has already become the main language of Wndows system development. This text introduce VB6.0 wait for hardware make up the intersection of system pair and the intersection of bearing and part carry on demagnetization it measures real time control to be former with computer and adapting card in the intersection of bearing and the intersection of demagnetization and detection system Pay attention to, has explained design and choice of the systematic software and hardware.

The method measured in demagnetization has heat to cause three kinds demagnetization, static demagnetization and dynamic demagnetization in our actual project, and what bearing grinding is processed and adopted in production extensively is that dynamic demagnetization is measured. The Chinese bearing factories measure and mostly adopt and exchange the alternative demagnetization way to the demagnetization of bearing ring at present. A method based on that it is controlled and VB technology reaches automatic detection in the demagnetization of bearing of introduction to this text.

The whole automatic demagnetization measures the control system and is divided into control box and device part, 1 Fig. whether demagnetization this measure the intersection of transfer machine and partial the intersection of overall structure and sketch, in the intersection of here and to the intersection of device and some concrete research us, and the control box of the whole control system of main research.

Overall synoptic diagram of Fig. 1

1. System control principle

As shown in Fig. 2 it is a control box functional block diagram of overall system, the computer passes the rotation of adapting card and interface circuit control electric machine, sensor return real-time detected incomplete the intersection of quantity of magnetism and data transfer, pass computer processing back and give out order moreover through the adapting card and control electric machine. The computer sends out the fast pulse order as the negative-going overproof of result that the sensor measures, in this way the feedway moves fast, demagnetization time of the part of the bearing is few; The computer sends out the pulse order of slow speed if opposite as the result forward direction overproof that the sensor measures, in this way the feedway moves slowly, the demagnetization time of the part of the bearing is long; Having utilized the system resource effectively in this way, overall system actually one closes the cyclical automatic control system, can guarantee the demagnetization result of the part of the bearing effectively.

System control functional block diagram of Fig. 2

2. Systematic hardware design

In automaticallying control and touring detection system, the system utilizes hardwares such as the adapting card PIO-D56 and interface circuit RS-232/RS 485 and HMR2300-D21-232 magnetic quantity sensor,etc.. Because the adapting card PIO-D56 has three groups of interface, we utilize input among them to interface with output in the group, accept the pulse from signal and output control stepping motor of the sensor separately.

Because adopt RS-485 to carry on communication, dispose – a RS-232/RS 485 converter, this system from – sets of top management P C, one piece adapting card PIO-D56, one of driving circuit and a plurality of sensor make work getting more reliables, not influenced, adopt any – a sensor each other Composition.

RS-485 bus line adopts and equilibrates sending and receives, can resist ability that the mould interferes with, transmission distance far, highest the intersection of transmission rate and reachable 10M bit/s, the same pairs of the intersection of paired line and the intersection of connective and 256 terminal station in this way can save the intersection of cable and quantity and the intersection of routing and difficulty, and can regulate and expand with the situation. Because RS-485 is a kind of half-duplex communication at present, send and receive and use the same physical channel, it is in sending state to only permit a network equipment at arbitrary moment, if there are 2 or more than 2 transmission data at the same time of apparatus, namely produce the bus line conflict, make the whole system communication paralysed.

This system adopts master slaver modely and inquires about the way, the PC provides the address code of some – lower-position unit, until lower-position unit send out, inquire as some when the intersection of location and plane receive one-address code this, in conformity with local address code, on the transmission data, Pc machine namely receive data, otherwise not when the local address code is not accorded with with calling out the address code, no transmission data. The data mode here has PCs that adopts to inquire sending and receive data and sensor of the way adopt sending and receive data of the interrupt mode etc..

3. The system software explains

The software design of the system is made up of Visual Basic6.0 application software and adapting card PIO-D56 driving software, two major parts.

VB is favored high-efficient, simply and aptly more and more by user with the characteristic with it, have already become the main language of Windows system development. VB supports object-oriented programming, the incident with structuring drives the programming mode, and can use and amplify the controlling part limitlessly, and can design the good man-machine interface very conveniently. The more important thing is VB has offered a very important communication controlling part to user, the controlling part of this communication conveys, receive data through the serial port, have offered the foundation of serial communication for users’ utility program.

The communication function of the computer is mainly including calling out and sending the control command and receiving data information. Adapting card PIO-D56 the intersection of hardware and attached system software in driving software, it it includes adapting cards to be original making up by several utility program of activating, controlling etc.. Need to its activating and original V Visualization before break in. Namely

Private Sub CmdInitial_Click

Dim wRetVal As Integer

Dim InVal1 As Integer

Dim InVal2 As Integer

Dim InVal3 As Integer

Initialisation of Dim i As Long’ interface clip

cmdControl.Enabled = True

End Sub

4. VB software development

Computer’s signal procedure adopts VB6.0 to be written. VB6.0 has offered the communication controlling part of one MSCOMM, this controlling part can realize to operate that read people’s data from the serial port or write the data while shielding the bottom layer in the communication process, change its attribute, to target’s file, write and respond to the code for the target incident, can finish the serial communication between the user programs very conveniently. The man-machine interface is shown as in Fig. 3.

3 man-machine entries of interface pictures of Fig.

Because what the demagnetization of our bearing is adopted is dynamic way, transmit the impulsing information after the adapting card PIO-D56 undergoes processing after the incomplete quantity of magnetism of the bearing is measured from the sensor in this way, the energization way of the main change electrical machinery coil here changes the principle struck promptly, thus the speed of the control electric machine, control the part of the bearing to retreat for magnetic time also, if meet the all right control electric machine reversal too of black out in order to reach to not carrying on the bearing part demagnetization dealt with in demagnetization, guarantee processing the completeness of process of the whole part effectively in this way.

In order to reflect ocularly that returns the magnetic dynamic procedure entirely, we design revealing from the magnitude of the detected incomplete quantity of magnetism in the sensor on if the Main Interface of Fig. 4, and there are dynamic figure contours, can set up the standard of the incomplete quantity of magnetism and control at the same time.

System control interface picture of Fig. 4

5.Main function of the system

Demagnetization of this bearing finds the control system mainly has a function of the following aspects:

1Real time control and report

Can reflect the state that the system runs directly in the demagnetization of bearing finds the Main Interface of control system, operation speed including electrical machinery, changing direction; Incomplete magnetic magnitude and parameter curve; In addition the measuring result of the sensor is written while reporting tables in real time in one in one line of forms each time, can inquire and monitor and measure measuring result which begin the last every measuring point this time, thus get the intersection of part and incomplete concrete the intersection of change and law of quantity of magnetism, for continue other the intersection of processing and control of process play the system and measure the auxiliary function controlled in front of the products.

2Inquire about the function in history

Choose needing the sensor inquired about in the initial date, finish time of importing, all measured values, the information including measuring date, time, measured value, calling the police etc. that generable one systems are which accords with this terms, can also produce the intersection of measuring point and information called the police to happen only, measure data display, come out, can select, insert origin time while being arbitrary all in the form of curve chart, show and separate by etc.; Have, count function also at the same time, user can select origin time and finish time, the computer system provides this statistical information such as inner maximum value, minimum, mean value, number of data during that time automatically in view of the above. These data are preferably products files of an enterprise, help the company to improve the overall management level of product quality.


VB6.0 that this text introduces measures the application in the control system in the demagnetization of bearing, it utilizes VB to be right to accompany advantage that Carlos control in friendly interface and computer fully, adopt the control means in combination with adapting card of the computer, reveal working parameter and system motion state in right time, make the systematic working parameter data very clear, what has been really accomplished to demagnetization dynamic procedure of the bearing is controlled in right time, the ones that have avoided that kind of demagnetization and measured and separated have processed the mode passively, has raised production efficiency and guaranteed product quality. This technology is in extensive application range, not merely can used in the demagnetization of bearing and measure the respect, can also apply to the detection of the food trade such as being dry, such research based on computer application technology has certain using value. end

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