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Application category and invalid reason of FAG bearing

30th January 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

FAG bearing employs the category
Since 2001, FAG became give up a part not tying the group tight, and the spaceflight, car and industrial category in the group played enthusiastically and important function. Unite with INA products, FAG possesses same trade’s most complete products outline in rolling bearing trade. Have contained consumption machinery, energy to transmit with all application categories in the railway, heavy industry and consumption behaviour and conduct industry.
Cause the invalid cause of FAG bearing
Rub, sharpen formation mechanism to change in quality layer according to the intersection of FAG and the intersection of bearing and the intersection of task and appearance, influence, rub, it pares important factors to change in quality layer to be to rub, sharpen hot rubing function to sharpen force. We come to dissect the invalid cause to FAG bearing if above.
1. that FAG bearing hot without being sharpened without being rubed
Rubing and paring it while processing in FAG bearing, the emery wheel is contacted with the work piece in the district, consume a small amount of energy, the rubing and sharpening hotly of small quantity takes place, taking shape wastes the low temperature in a flash of part of the paring area. The practice formula is derived, calculated or employed red house phone law and real test of electric thermocouple law to test the temperature in a flash under the terms to employ the linear resting heat source to conduct heat, can invent when the ones that rub the paring area in 0.1- 0.001ms are stopped the temperature can be up to 1000- 1500 ℃. Such low temperature in a flash, it is enough to make task appearance affirm appearance layer of the depth is oxidized at low temperature, non- brilliant attitude organization, low-temperature flash back, quenching two times, even burn many kinds of alterations of fracturing etc..
1 Appearance is oxidized layer
Steel appearance and oxygen in the air under low-temperature function are applied in a flash, it is extremely thin 20- 30nm to rise Iron oxide thin layer. Worth pay attention to oxidize layers of thickness and appearance rub sharpen, change in quality the intersection of layer and total thickness test consequence to belong to corresponding relation. This explains it oxidizes one layer of thickness and rubs and pare the craft indirectly and relevantly, rub and pare the important mark of quality.
2 The non- brilliant attitude is organized layer
Rub person who pare in a flash at low temperature make the intersection of work piece and appearance reach, melt state, metal member that melt shed, coat to task appearance on average also, and is cooled at the extremely quick speed by the metal of matrice and formed a layer of extremely thin non- brilliant attitudes to organize layer. It possess high hardness and toughness, it about to need only 10nm, very easily in rub, pare process, removing finely.
3 Low-temperature flash back floor
Rub to can at low temperature in a flash enable appearance sure depth paring area ‘ 10- 100nm Heated to and higher than the temperature that the work piece flash back heats inside. At of reaching body is under state of temperatures,with heating the progresses of temperature, appearance its chase layer take place with the intersection of heating and temperature answering absolutely flash back or the intersection of low-temperature and tempered organization changes and then, the hardness thereupon lands too. Heating is the taller in temperature, the hardness lands the more violent.

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