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Application analysis of THK guide in the lathe field

31st December 2010 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Various spare parts used in the lathe were used for producing the spare part of machine ” The machine tool ” Make. No matter meticulous and complicated, or huge and heavy, the manufacture precision of the spare part that the lathe produces is improving fast. The direction device that the system of rectilinear motion of THK helps to offer makes this kind of precision and speed realize.

Horizontal machining center

Cut the most important kind is in machinery ” The machining center ” . In orienting the working bench of the work piece and drive organization used for moving and cutting the tool accurately and rapidly, have used ball keepers type LM guide and ball guide screw with high-accuracy and high rigidity. In addition, used sub axle rings of rolling alternately in needing smooth rotatory working bench that rotated.

Milling machine

Though machining center and other CNC lathes are main manufacture means of the products produced in batches, but is still using the milling machine in most advanced production. In addition, under the finely controlling of skilled personnel, produce the most advanced machine that can make the ultraprecise grade of products. In order to produce such advanced products repeatedly, has adopted LM guides and ball guide screws not wasting movements in the guidance system of the milling machine.

NC lathe

Like machining center, NC lathe played an outstanding role in processing work too. LM guide and ball guide screw because rigidity high, precision high, as to the intersection of lathe and sport of tool department being indispensable. In addition, LM guide combines such high rigidity and very compact structural design, have made a contribution to miniaturization of the apparatus.

Level milling machine

The level milling machine is a kind of large-scale milling machine. Self-evident, its work piece is very huge and heavy too. However, if it is just high to use the sex LM guide carried on the sports of the working bench, then the working bench was with smooth sports, the processing of the large-scale part can be very accurate.

CNC gear-hobbing machine

Traditionally, are used for producing movement and power and transmitting and using and slipping guides with the gear-hobbing machine of the gear, but it is very difficult to mix the tube and design and lubricate management. Through lubricate, choose one, use in conjunction, may reduce systematic design work and equipment step the intersection of LM and guide and the intersection of ball and guide screw, lengthen the spacing interval of the necessary maintenance work at the same time.

Surface grinding machine

Until not long ago, were still using the hydraulic jar to enter and give for the working bench of the surface grinding machine. But with the use of ball guide screw and servo system, the precision of this job is higher, the speed is quicker, thus has raised production efficiency. The machine which adopts the ball guide screw does not need any hydraulic system, this makes the machine more clean, have reduced the adverse effect that may cause to the environment.

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