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Analysis of common damaged reason of importing the bearing

25th August 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

The analysis of common damaged reason of importing the bearing: By and large, the common damaged reason of the bearing: 1, have 1/3 bearing damage, lead because on tired to damage, 2, other 1/3 are led because lubricating badly, 3, other 1/3 are led because enter bearing or installation to deal with in the pollutant improperly.

However, these damage the form and industry is not relevant. For example,pulp and papermaking industry mostly because of bad to lubricate or not if you can’t pollute, cause by the damages of bearinging instead of because material is tired to cause.

The reason why most imported bearings damage is numerous, for example load, non- effective sealing, whom cooperation of high strung cause estimated in advance originally to go beyond cross small the intersection of bearing and interval,etc.. Any factor in these factors will all have its special damaged pattern and will leave the special damaged trace.

So inspect, damage bearing, need, can find their possible to lead to the fact the reason in most case.

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