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Air bearing of the individual character

29th November 2009 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

Air bearing whether one have system that exposed to, angry membrane separate relevant two surfaces of sport just like lubricant.

The basic principle of the air main shaft:

1. Statics of air

o The outside pressurizes: At the pressure, to carrying on the independent outside air-in between two surfaces which keep the separate situation.

o The system flows continuously to there is one, the pressurised gas can enter the interval between the surfaces of the bearing from the source and course through the limit flowing device, flow into the air on the external margin of bearing.

o Type: The single hole supplies, internal hole, trough crack to supply, and porous.

2. Aerodynamics

o Produce automatically: Make into the membrane is produced from the relevant sports of two surfaces which keep the separate situation.

o The air power bearing has many types. Through design characteristic that and support the bearing to the bearing being far from each other, and there are unstable problems.

o Type: Single column, three, slot ‘ The axial / person shape / spiral type With the step.

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