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Ai MoSheng CT driver MEV200040040000

27th October 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

It is a Hi-Tech company which specializes in system integration of the industrial automation, automatic production distribution, maintenance and relevant technical service that Shanghai is green to achieve automation equipment Co., Ltd.. The company has many experienced middle-and-high-ranking technicians, have accumulated abundant system integration, production distribution and maintenance experience. Our company is U.S.A. EmersonIndustrialAtuomation Britain CT (ControlTechniques) under command First class commission agent that the company authorized, at the same time. Accept the control system design of the industrial automation, install ‘ Make the field and involve water supply of constant voltage, precision finishing, production line) Business; Accept frequency converter and all kinds of automatic products and maintain the business; And is devoted to popularization and application of new science and technology. Already there are mature cooperative partners of all trades and professions at present and deeply by customer’s trusting and favorable comment, our company wishes to cooperate sincerely with the masses of customers and offer relevant technological consultation.

The MEV series frequency converter is that Ai MoSheng has designed the high-quality driver for China manufacturing automation market specially. This series of products are offered 3 kinds of series, have products characteristic easy to use, sturdy and duable, flexible and changeable, can customize according to the customer’s particular functional requirement.

The type is as follows:

MEV1000-20004-000, MEV1000-20005-000, MEV1000-20007-000, MEV1000-20011-000

MEV2000-40004-000, MEV2000-40005-000, MEV2000-40007-000, MEV2000-40011-000

MEV3000-40004-000, MEV3000-40005-000, MEV3000-40007-000, MEV3000-40011-000

Wait, there is MEV1000, MEV2000, three kinds of series MEV3000

The address of our company: Minhang district of Shanghai unites the bright road No. 389 A one 411 room

Because network shop of our company and entity shop manage at the same time, the stock is relatively large in flowrate, please contact customer service before buying the stock, thanks!

Because the product cost will fluctuate according to the market conditions, the price that the network shop marks needs the agreement, only if knock down price, must with the negociation price of the customer service, please forgive before taking!

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