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Advantage comparative analysis of the antifriction bearing

31st May 2011 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

1. The coefficient of friction of the antifriction bearing is smaller than the sliding bearing, transmit high efficiency. The coefficient of friction of the general sliding bearing is 0.08-0.12, and the coefficient of friction of the antifriction bearing is only 0.001-0.005;
2. The antifriction bearing has already realized canonicalization, seriation, generalization, is suitable for producing in enormous quantities and supplying, it is very convenient to use and maintain;
3. The antifriction bearing is made of bearing steel, and pass the heat treatment, so, the antifriction bearing not merely has higher mechanical performance and longer life time, and can save to make the used nonferrous metals of comparatively expensive price of sliding bearing;
4. The interval is very small within the antifriction bearing, the great of machining accuracy of every part, so, operate the precision great. Meanwhile, can enable rigid increase of the bearing through method of initial load. This is very important to precision optical machinery;
5. Some antifriction bearings can bear radial load and axial load at the same time, so, can simplify the structure of the bearing support;
6. Because antifriction bearing transmit efficiency to be high, calorific power, little, so can reduce consumption of lubricating oil, lubricate and safeguard and comparatively save trouble; Maintenance-free bearing
7. The antifriction bearing can be applied to the space on any azimuthal axle conveniently.

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