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Adjust the heart ball bearing 1314K

31st December 2014 Bearing products 0 Comments

Shandong rises and steps 1314K bearing that bearing Co., Ltd. speciality sells, offers relevant consultation service to 1314K bearing customer, need materials of understanding 1314K type size, weight, price, installing, maintaining etc. and please contact us.

The name of product: Adjust the ball bearing 1314K new type of heart: 1314K old type: 111314 internal diameters: 70( mm) External diameter: 150( mm) Thickness: 35( mm) Weight: 3.0( kg) Use: It is suitable for bearing the heavy load and assaulting the load adjusting the heart ball bearing, trades such as accurate instrument, electrical machinery, car, motorcycle, metallurgy, rolling mill, mine with low noise, petroleum, papermaking, cement, pressing candies,etc. and general machinery,etc.. Type: Adjust the heart ball bearing

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