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A bearing in front and at the back of how oneself maintains the car

27th October 2008 Bearing Technology 0 Comments

A bearing in front and at the back of how oneself maintain the car?

: That car ago /if you can’t want at least rear bearing, last every one! and then drive / forerunner moves

1Prepare lithium base lubricating grease or two molybdenum lubricating grease sulfide No. 2, preserve the box, repair outfit, marker pen with light 500 ml, waste cloth or old clothes, a wash-basin, part with kerosene or diesel oil;

2, select one calm a fine day, look for one shady level land strain hand, stop and register for shelf suppress bus, can in after /front tyre dozen close and assisted being fixed;

3, unscrew both sides / rear wheel set bolt according to the diagonal order first;

4, raise in front of the one side / use the intersection of iron and triangular support or wooden brick cushion steady behind the rear wheel with jack, repeat cushion of this course in the other side steadily;

5, unscrewing already ago /lift off and last part in the boxes rear wheel set bolt;

6, lift off before /rear wheel;

7Before, lift off / back the intersection of floodgate and brake block mark with the marker pen distinguish about, ;

8Before, take down / the intersection of rear bearing and hair shield caps;

9, take the set bolt safety catch of basket off;

10, unscrew and lift the bolt off;

11, take internal and external bearings off, check, if has already abraded and should change in time seriously;

12, if not abraded and can wash and polish clean with the kerosene or diesel oil seriously;

13, daub, put the original place of going back behind the lubricating grease evenly internal and external bearing;

14, answer first and a half mouthful of behind being at the the intersection of basket of flowers and bolt urgent;

15Before, rotate / rear bearing it checks to be loose and vast pulling out strength, adjust to pull out the intersection of strength and state while being vast while being loose repeatedly;

16, it install basket of flowers bolt safety catch, before /shield backshaft by cap;

17, polish the brake disc carefully with the clean cloth, a slice of superficial greasy dirt;

18, check brake disc, slices of body and surface, if damage and should repair or change in time;

19, install the front wheel, bolt on according to the diagonal order;

20, the course of repeating this finishes maintaining in the other side;

21, rise side front wheel, take down the angle iron support or cushion brick with jack, jack unload make, / rear wheel landed. Repeat course this, make in front of the the other side / rear wheel landed;

22, tighten the intersection of tire and set bolt should smaller than 40 moment according to the intersection of diagonal and order with spanner . Explanation; It is finished maintaining for about 2-3 hours that single.


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