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6810NR bearing NTN bearing 6810NR bearing

26th September 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

Sell NTN6810NR bearing in speciality of bearing Co., Ltd. of grand card of Shanghai, NTN6810NR bearing: The type NTN6810NR bearing, series: The ball bearing of major groove, the uniline, two sides seal, want the relevant information of more understanding NTN6810NR bearings, can consult or dial the heat ray telephone online, we will serve you in detail. It is in a very large range that NTN6810NR bearing uses, NTN6810NR mainly applies to the vulcanizer, the plasma cut-off machine, water-cooled refrigerator, high-pressure reaction kettle, the printing equipment of non-woven fabrics, reduction box, the bulldozer, electric plating refrigerator, soyfood processing unit, broaching machine, make sand machinery, next door heat exchanger, the intersection of mould and generator triping, nail, follow plane, the intersection of textile and apparatus, keep fresh refrigerating equipment, hoisting machine, butt welder, color press, lace machine, the production line of coating, wait a moment in the trade, NTN6810NR bearing price that our company sells is reasonable, ensures the quality of products, the whole service, try everything best to meet customer’s demands.
Contact details: Telephone : 021-34668817 021-34668807 Mobile: 18917090982
[6810NR bearing ] size parameter specification:
Bearing type: 6810NR bearing
Bearing brand: NTN bearing
Bearing type: Ball bearing of major groove
Internal diameter: 50 mm
External diameter: 65 mm
Thickness: 7 mm
New type: KN
Old type: KN
The products are described:

Professional agent [6810NR bearing ] of Co., Ltd. of the grand card bearing of Shanghai, the company promotes the following types at present, there is all right connection of needs, we:
Bearing NJ2315E

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