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63/28 of the bearings / parameters of importing the bearing / price

26th September 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

Qingdao auspicious the intersection of continuous heavy rain and power it equips Co., Ltd. to be whether one speciality sell, import bearing, domestic sincere the intersection of operation and Company of bearing. Involve the kind: The ball bearing of major groove, the ball bearing of cente adjusting, the angle contacts the ball bearing, the thrust ball bearing, other spherical bearing, the angle of thrust contacts the ball bearing, the cylindrical roller bearing, taper roller bearing, the roller bearing of cente adjusting, thrust roller bearing, needle bearing, ball-and-socket bearing, the bearing of the rolling mill,etc., mechanical equipment fittings such as seal, accurate original paper,etc.. From the conversion of the brand, to the affirmation of the type, our professional sales engineer will offer the service with careful patience to you. There are a large number of bearing stock throughout the year in the company warehouse, have offered the strong assurance for delivering goods in time.

The company passes SIO9001: 2008 quality systems are authorized, and can operate well according to authorizing the requirement. Can rigorously enforce according to the international standard now, national standard and tight and above-mentioned canonial enterprise’s internally-controlled standard, . The products not only meet the ordinary use requirement, still can satisfy the high speed, quasi high-speed, bearing of the special purpose such as being with low noise, high-accuracy. The bearing is used in the electric electromechanics device extensively, fabrics machine, papermaking machinery, mining machinery, woodworking machinery, rubbery machinery, petroleum machine, apparatus of power plant, electronic device, medical equipment, machine tool, port machinery, printing machine, electric tool, metallurgy, water pump, air blower, forging equipment ……..There is user of all kinds of maintenance. In addition, the company can also be according to customer’s special requirement that enterprises have established good permanent partnership relation, realize and design according to customer’s request, make the products, and is responsible for offering correlation technique service etc..

Equip Israel of Co., Ltd. in auspicious continuous heavy rain motive force in Qingdao ” Keep improving –Pursue being outstanding ” It is a quality policy, pursuing the market of maximum, optimal service, optimal prestige and good social benefit constantly.

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