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6310 bearing LYC related producers

26th September 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

Shandong SDOM bearing Co., Ltd. is regarded as the authoritative imported bearing supplier of North China, the speciality offers service of importing the bearing to sell for you. We offer British system at the same time ‘ Nonstandard) The bearing, can customize according to the customer’s actual demand, in order to solve the customer’s matter of great urgency. Shandong SDOM bearing Co., Ltd. has been since established, with ” sincere, united, practical, innovate ” As enterprising spirit, adhere to ” first-class talent, first-class achievement, first-class quality, first-class management ” Enterprise operations objective,by advanced technology, product quality it is stable, service when it is thoughtful, make great efforts to develop the core business, give play to autogenous technical superiority, products advantage and market advantage, offer machinery to user and equip related bearing and relevant series of products, it is the domestic and specialized bearing sale company. SDOM bearing will insist ” the quality of today is a market of tomorrow, the customer’s satisfaction is our pursuit ” Management theory it, in line with until ” whether science and technology seek development and quality create brands ” Policy,last customer at price it is reasonable, be more have good interests lasted customered at the same timed, by high-quality products, leave long-term interests to the cooperative partner. Hearty to welcome the masses of customers to visit and guide, negotiate the business! Sri Lankan inspire confidence in while being triumphant for in the intersection of Germany and Wei Shi rich polite warm special (Sven Wingquist) Sri Lankan Kui that newly build specially The test center holds the inauguration ceremony, always ***Volume is up to 4 000 Wan European dollar. This centre is the first test center that has the ability to test the large-scale bearing under the actual working condition in the whole world. This has offered more efficient development process to customer, the characteristic of improving the bearing at the same time has combined increase of service life. There are two test boards in the polite warm the Kui ‘s. A test board is designed to test the basic shaft disposition of wind-driven generator specially. Another, the bearing used for testing other industrial field, including the mining, building, steel are made and transported by sea. Combine Sri Lankan and inspire confidence in the developing diagnosis, condition monitoring and analogy method triumphantly, these test boards will contribute to shortening the time for testing and product development, and provide deep researching and analysing for characteristic of the bearing. Cheif technology officer, innovation and president Victoria Van Camp of development department of business show: “No one other test center have the ability, finish large-scale test of bearing perfect like this under actual operating condition, this has brought huge strategy advantage to us and customer. The technology that the polite warm the Kui ‘s adopts will contribute to saving the customer’s time and resource, support them to promote the equipment dependability and realize the grand goal of the increase of service life at the same time. ”

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