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3rd December 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

The definition of the bearing ring: Annular part with one or several antifriction bearings entad of ball track.
The material that the bearing ring uses is generally standard bearing steel, NitroMax steel (the stainless steel of high nitrogen) , pottery when.
The structure of the bearing ring has inner circles, outer lane, outer lane of the taper, dual ball track taper inner circles, dual ball track taper outer lanes, wide inner circle, lock inner circle, lock outer lane, ram outer lane, flange outer lane, cente adjusting outer lane, cente adjusting outer seat, exterior sphere, taper outer lane block above and middle retaining ring,etc. make up partly.
The production step of the bearing ring is to pass: Forge, heat treatment, grinding the control, label of the process to manage step four and finish producing.

The bearing ring wants while installing the bearing ring to pay special attention to installing the order, the precision mainshaft still should pay attention to the positive and negative end, held inside out will cause the dynamic unbalance, influence the characteristic of the bearing.

If you are that one have doubt for the bearing ring products, purchase demands, welcome, contact a hundred million Shandong receive Science Technologies Co., Ltd. of the bearing Manager Zhao Mobile: 18365753072 (the jack per line of little letter)

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