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62032RS Sino-Kazakhstan HZB bearing

25th September 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Cylinder, NJ414 of Harbin, get away sub bearing [HZB ] Sino-Kazakhstan brief introduction:

The ones that roll in sub bearing [HZB ] Kazakhstan and China in Harbin NJ414 cylinder roll the son is usually blocked guiding by two of one set of circles for a bearing, keep shelf, get away son and lead one set of circles to make up a composite, can separate from one set of circles of another bearing, can belong to the classifying bearing, it is more convenient to install, dismantle this kind of bearing, act as require, especially, outer lane with axle, shell pass, full of, reveal advantage their even more cooperate.
The Sino-Kazakhstan parameter of the sub bearing [HZB ] of rolling in Harbin NJ414 cylinder: New type: NJ414 internal diameter: 70 external diameters: Thickness 180: Weight 42: 5.9 brands: HZB, the Sino-Kazakhstan series in Harbin: Cylinder roll sub bearing, want more the intersection of understanding and cylinder, NJ414 of Harbin, roll sub the intersection of bearing and relevant information of Kazakhstan and China, can consult or dial the hot line telephone online, we will serve you in detail.

The sub bearing characteristic of rolling of cylinder of Sino-Kazakhstan HZB:
The cylinder of Sino-Kazakhstan HZB rolls the sub bearing is generally only used for bearing the radial load. Only and outer lane block the intersection of uniline and bearing of side, can bear a light one often axial load or larger the intersection of intermittence and axial load definitely by tape.
Compared with deep ditch ball bearing the same in external dimension, this kind of bearing has loaded ability of greater radial. But expect relatively much to the processing of axle, shell hole,etc. relevant part cooperating with this kind of bearing.
Block can divide, have NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF the intersection of uniline and cylinder get away sub bearing according to sets of circle, NNU, NN,etc. pair list cylinder, get away sub bearing.

Sino-Kazakhstan HZB cylinder rolls in the application of sub bearing:

Generator, gas turbine, large and medium sized motor, gearbox, rolling stock, internal-combustion engine, rolling mill, main shaft of the lathe, shaking sifting and handling machinery,etc..

The name of product: 6203-2RS Sino-Kazakhstan HZB bearing New type: NJ414 old type: 42414 internal diameters: 70( mm) External diameter: 180( mm) Weight: 5.9( kg) Use: Large and medium sized motor, rolling stock, main shaft of the lathe, internal-combustion engine, generator, gas turbine, gearbox, rolling mill, shaking sifting and handling machinery,etc.. Type: Sub bearing of the cylinder roller

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