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619/1500MA/P5 bearing

16th July 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

Ball bearing of major groove
A thousand kinds of bearings
The ball bearing of major groove is generally by a pair of collars. A series of retainers. A series of steel balls make up. It is simple in construction, easy to use, it is most general to produce. Employ the most extensive kind of bearing. This type bearing is mainly used for bearing radial load, but can also bear the axial load of any direction a certain amount of. When within the specific limits, strengthen the radial oil gap of the bearing, this kind of bearing has the properties that the angle is exposed to the ball bearing, can also bear greater axial load. The major groove ball bearing holds after on the axle, can make the axial displacement of the axle or outer cover confine to axial range of the bearing. Meanwhile, act as exterior shell hole and axle (or the outer lane in inner circle) correctly As to while sloping, (are less than 8¨@ – 16¨@, confirm according to the backlash) Can still work normally. Since slope, store in, must reduce the bearing life time.

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