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28th July 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

Grind the coherent precision mainshaft Manufacturing Co., Ltd and lie in the cigarette shop Town industrial park of Linqing of Shandong in Liaocheng, the company has more than 40 sets of capital equipment now, the staff are more than 100, is a professional enterprise which make the ball bearing of advanced major groove, (register LQHB trade mark) The ball bearing of major groove that our company produces all adopt the high-quality bearing steel ‘ Revitalize and settle special steel, stone steel, longevity steel) Widen and thicken the hold unit, the high-accuracy steel ball (group G10 Z4) Precision machine tool, grinding machine were processed meticulously. It is with low noise, high-speed, wear-resisting that there are the products, characteristic of having long performance life etc.. The products are applied to trades such as the electrical machinery, air blower, reducer, lift, lathe, car, steel factory,etc. extensively, well received by old and new customers.

Grind and lead to the precision mainshaft Manufacturing Co., Ltd in Liaocheng

Contact: Manager Li
Mobile: 18663562068 13969532569
Tel.: 0635-2856746
Fax: 0635-2856746 0635-2854184
Address: Bearing industrial park of shop of Linqing of Shandong cigarette

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