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61830 bearings

26th September 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

The deep ditch ball bearing is the most ordinary kind of type in rolling bearing. The deep ditch ball bearing of the basic model is by an outer lane, an inner circle, a group of steel balls keep the shelf constructed with one group. Deep the intersection of ditch and the intersection of ball bearing and type have uniline with pair list two, dark the intersection of ditch and the intersection of ball and structure divide into, seal and turn on type two kinds of structure also, the holding type means the bearing does not bring the sealed structure, the sealing deep ditch ball is divided into sealing dustproofly and preventing the oil from sealing. Dustproof the intersection of sealed lid and material press for stencil plate, get up, get simple the intersection of prevention and dust enter bearing, get away dish only. It defends oil type to be contact-type oil seal can effective stop lubricating grease in the bearing overflow.

The name of product: 61830 bearings New type: 61830 old types: 1000828 internal diameters: 140( mm) External diameter: 175( mm) Weight: 0.784( kg) Bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Common Type: Deep ditch ball bearing

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