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608 bearings of nickel plating

25th June 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

A lot of purchase traders will only require producer’s rotational speed to be up to more than 2 minutes now, but forget to consider this top will be rotated fast as before still 10 days in a fortnight? The gyroscopic bearing of a lot of figer tips, have not waited until being exported to foreign countries, at the port, have already got rusty on the ferry. So require more than time for less than 2 minute originally such as foam. Do the top well, solve how to prevent getting rusty at first, and then discuss the rotational speed.

The specialized bearing of 608 figer tip tops: Many customers react on the market, the figer tip top knows the rotational speed to slacken when being played for a few days, meeting water carelessly will get rusty. Now, our factory has already begun to produce 608 figer tip top bearings after nickelling, the steel ball uses and does not become rusty the steel ball of the steel material too, guarantee that will not get rusty. The inner circle outer lane channel after just nickelling is not so exquisite, will influence the rotational speed, but guarantee for more than 90 seconds. This product needs booking ahead of time. Contact: Yu bright bearing factory of Cixi Ruan JieKe 18352972858

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