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6072Z bearing

25th June 2017 Bearing products 0 Comments

Shanghai assists and unites the contact of Co., Ltd. of the bearing: Manager Meng’s telephone number: 13788998905 fixed telephone numbers: 021-69190113

There are the following several kinds of to import SKF bearing types:
1,Uniline major groove ball bearing
2,Uniline major groove ball bearing with dust cap
3,Uniline major groove ball bearing with dust cap, seal ring
4,There are locking recesses and cyclic(al) uniline major groove ball bearing of clogging on the outer lane
5,There is ball bearing of major groove containing ball gap
6,Two-bank ball bearing of major groove

Install the first method with ball bearing of major groove: Force fit: It is fitted tightly that bearing inner ring and axle make, outer lanes and bearing seat holes are relatively at the time of loose fit, the available pressure machine presses the bearing first and is mounted on the axle, then put the axle into seat hole of the bearing together with bearing, pad the assembly clutch (copper or soft steel) that a soft metallic material is done on the inner circle end of the bearing at the time of pressure mounting ,Bearing outer lane and bearing seat hole are fitted tightly, inner circles and axles are relatively at the time of loose fit, can press the bearing in the seat hole of the bearing first, the external diameter of the related tube of this fashion should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the seat hole. When bearing ring, axle and seat hole are fitted tightly, installing the indoor cycle sum outer lane will be pressed in axle and seat hole at the same time, should be able to escort the end of outer lane of the cycle sum in the urgent bearing at the same time in structure of the assembly clutch.
The method of erection two of ball bearing of major groove: Heat and cooperate: Through heating the bearing or pedestal, utilize thermal expansion to change the close fit into the loose fit method of erection. It is a daily method of erection saving effort. This method suitable for the intersection of increscence amount and old installation of bearing, may the intersection of separate type and collar of bearing put into fuel tank and heat 80-100 ¡æ evenly bearing before heat install, then take out as soon as possible putting axling into in oil, for prevent the intersection of inner circle and end with shaft shoulder laminate urgent cool, the bearing can be fastened axially after cooling. When bearing outer lane and light and metallic pedestal are fitted tightly, adopting heat which heats the pedestal holds the method, can prevent the fitting surface from being abraded. While heating the bearing with fuel tank, there should be a reticular grid from certain distance place of bottom of the case, or is hanging the bearing with the hook, the bearing can’t be put to the bottom of the case, so as not to sink impurity entering bearing or not homogeneous heating, there must be thermometers in the fuel tank, the oil of rigid control is warm can’t exceed 100 ¡æ, in order to prevent the back fire effect, make the hardness of the collar reduce.

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