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6005RZ bearing TG bearing secret service offers the size

21st December 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Bart bearing ( Hangzhou) Key business of Manufacturing Co., Ltd divide into for make for engineering And brand management (OBM) Two major parts, take the place of workers and make the undertaking and mainly cooperate with global famous bearing brand, offer technological development, design to make; Mainly deal in Bart (Bart) in brand management undertaking Company’s independent bearing brand ” The secret service TG ” .

Bart (Bart) Hangzhou where it has the good reputation of the heaven in human world in the long triangular area of China that the company lies, depend on the information advantage of the long triangular economic zone and position of the internationalized banking centre, rely on prosperous international ocean shipping and airport hub, outstanding talent resources, deep cultural inside information, developed related industry, has accomplished ” secret service TG ” The fast development of the brand, has moulded the overseas influence of the brand, has sped up the steps of marching into the market of international bearing.

6005 – RZ deep ditch ball bearing parameter, specification, 6005-RZ (25*47*12mm)

Bearing type: Deep ditch ball bearing

Our country’s new type: 6005-RZ

Our country’s old type: 160105K

Internal diameter (mm) : 25mm ( 0.9843in)

External diameter (mm) : 47mm ( 1.8504in)

Width (mm) : 12mm ( 0.4724in)

Weight (KG) : 0.080

Basic specified dead load (kN) : 5.85 (596.94KG)

Basic amount moves load (kN) : 10.0 (1020.41KG)

Lubricated rotational speed (r/min) of the lipoprotein : 13000

Lubricated rotational speed (r/min) of oil : 17000

Bearing picture of the secret service

Deep ditch ball bearing picture

6005 bearing pictures of secret service

The secret service bearing is sold in batches

TG deep ditch ball bearing supply

The secret service bearing is sold

The secret service bearing is sold

Bearing picture

The bearing supply is sold in batches

The name of product: 6005 – RZ bearing TG bearing secret service offers the size and supplies the new type from stock: 6005 – RZ old type: 160105K internal diameter: 25( mm) External diameter: 47( mm) Weight: 0.080( kg) Bearing material: Carburization bearing steel (surface hardening type) Use: Common Type: Deep ditch ball bearing

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