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51328 M bearing

3rd October 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Thrust ball bearing can bear the design with loaded thrust to adopt while operating at a high speed, a washer in ditch and one set of circles forms that the ones that are have balls to roll roll. It is the seatpad shape because of one set of circles, so, thrust ball bearing is divided into the flat base cushion type and adjusted seatpad type two kinds of types of ball bearing hheey heart sphere of thrust. In addition, this kind of bearing can bear the axial load, but can’t bear the radial load.

Should notice, though the bearing can bear the two-way axial load while contacting the installation of ball bearing while listing the angle, but when one side holds ball gaps, should notice that don’t let the main axial load be passed by the ditch of one side with gap. When the bearing uses should pay attention to, make without put the intersection of ball and side of gap roll one bear main load.

The name of product: The new type of 51328 M bearing: 51328 M bearing use: On suitable for bearing one side axial load, parts lower in rotational speeding, such as hoist cliver, vertical water pump, vertical centrifuge, jack, low-speed decelerator,etc.. The circles of axle circle, seat and rolling the body of the bearing are separation, can hold and dismantle respectively. Type: Thrust ball bearing

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