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24160CCK/C3W33 bearing

25th November 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

Transfer heart roll sub bearing have two roll son, one a common one carry the intersection of sphere and outer lane roll dish get away with inner circle dish slopes as first view in bearing axis. The central point of spheroid in one of rolling in outer lane is in the bearing axis. So, the bearing, adjust heart and insensitive axle to the shell automatically, it is all right, for example, the not alignment that the bending of the axle caused. The sub bearing is designed to bear the heavy radial load to adjust the heart and roll, and heavy in the axial load of two directions.

The name of product: The new type of 24160CCK/C3W33 bearing: 24160CCK/C3W33 old type: 4053760 internal diameters: 300( mm) External diameter: 500( mm) Weight: -( kg) Use: Papermaking machinery, moderate and fit, rolling stock axletree, the intersection of rolling mill and the intersection of gearbox and the intersection of bearing and flat, the intersection of rolling mill and roller, breaker, shake sift, the intersection of printing and machinery, woodworking machinery, industry all kinds of with moderate plane, vertical to take transfer the intersection of heart and bearing Type: Adjust the sub bearing of the heart roller

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