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23264CA bearing

22nd August 2015 Bearing products 0 Comments

There are two to roll in the inner circle of one and roll one sub bearings as outer lane in the sphere to adjust the heart and roll, there are the son’s bearings. The camber centre of a Taxi keeps the same with bearing centre that the outer lane rolls, so have and adjust the same adjusting the heart function of heart ball bearing automatically. When axle, outer cover bend, can adjust the axial load of carrying on one’s shoulder or back and two directions automatically. The load ability of the radial is great, are suitable for having carrying on one’s shoulder or back, situation of impact load of heavy load. The internal diameter of inner circle is a bearing of the hole of an awl, can install directly. Or use and fix set, dismantle tube closely and install on the round axis of a cylinder. Keeping the shelf using the stencil plate to press and keep shelf, polyamide shaping keeps shelf and copper alloy car making and keeping the shelf.

The name of product: 23264CA bearing New type: 23264CA old type: 3053164H internal diameter: 320.0000( mm) External diameter: 480.0000( mm) Thickness: 121.0000( mm) Weight: 0.000( kg) Use: Papermaking machinery, moderate and fit, rolling stock axletree, the intersection of rolling mill and the intersection of gearbox and the intersection of bearing and flat, the intersection of rolling mill and roller, breaker, shake sift, the intersection of printing and machinery, woodworking machinery, industry all kinds of with moderate plane, vertical to take transfer the intersection of heart and bearing Type: Adjust the sub bearing of the heart roller

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