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Spray Paint the Walls: The Story of Black Flag PM Press Original edition Stevie Chick

31st August 2012 History Books 27 Comments
Black Flag were the pioneers of American Hardcore, and this is their blood-spattered story. Formed in Hermosa Beach, California, in 1978, they made and played brilliant, ugly, no-holds-barred music for eight brutal years on a self-appointed touring circuit of Americas clubs, squats, and community halls. They fought with everybodythe police, the record industry, and even their own fansand they toured overseas on pennies a day in beat-up trucks and vans. This history tells Black Flags story from the inside, drawing on exclusive interviews with the groups members, their contemporaries, and the ...
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Where a Hundred Soldiers Were Killed: The Struggle for the Powder River Country in 1866 and the Making of the Fetterman Myth University of New Mexico Press John H. Monnett

31st August 2012 History Books 9 Comments
The Powder River country of what is now north central Wyoming was one of the most resource-rich regions of the northern plains in the nineteenth century. As U.S. mining interests and white settlement to the north in Montana Territory increased, conflict arose between the United States and the Lakota and Cheyenne nations. On December 21, 1866, the struggle climaxed when a well-organized force of Lakota, Northern Cheyennes, and Arapahos attacked and destroyed a detachment of forty-nine infantrymen and three officers of the 18th Infantry, twenty-seven troopers of the 2nd Cavalry, and two ...
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The Archaeology of the Donner Party University of Nevada Press Donald L. Hardesty

31st August 2012 History Books 9 Comments
The Archaeology of the Donner Party offers a new interpretation of the history of the Donner Party, based on the careful analysis of recently discovered artifacts. By supplementing the documentary record with the fruits of their scientific interpretation of physical remains, Hardesty and his colleagues not only provide exciting new information about the Donner Party but suggest promising avenues for further research. "... a significant book... The result is good history and good archaeology." -- Western Historical Quarterly --This text refers to the Paperback edition. Donald L. ...
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The Way the Wind Blew: A History of the Weather Underground Ron Jacobs Verso Books illustrated edition edition

31st August 2012 History Books 18 Comments
The Weather Underground was a small band of no more than a few hundred radicals, yet the fringe group was widely feared and revered as notorious bombers and violent revolutionaries. In The Way the Wind Blew Ron Jacobs presents a history of the group, from its origins on college campuses to the surrender of its last fugitive members in the 1980s. Along the way they set off bombs (...) and issued communiqu├ęs that were largely irrelevant if not incomprehensible to the American public. The dispassionate tone of this book allows for a credible narrative history of the group and its ...
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Forgotten Holocaust: The Poles Under German Occupation 1939-1944 Richard C. Lukas Hippocrene Books 2 Revised edition

31st August 2012 History Books 30 Comments
Hitler hated Poles only slightly less than Jews; exterminating Poles and other Slavs was part of the Nazi master-plan. During the German occupation, three million Gentile Poles (and as many Polish Jews) were killed by mass executions, starvation or in labor camps; there were 2000 extermination and labor camps in Poland for Jews and Gentiles alike. One million non-Jewish Poles were deported in cattle cars to Germany and elsewhere; Polish children were sent to the Reich, where it was determined whether they were suitable for "Germanization" or should be slaughtered. This eloquent, gripping ...
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If Britain Had Fallen: The Real Nazi Occupation Plans Norman Longmate Greenhill Books

31st August 2012 History Books 6 Comments
If Britain Had Fallen covers every phase of the subject, from the German pre-invasion manoeuvring and preparations, the landing of troops, to the German seizure of power. What follows is a fascinating contemplation of what it would have been like to live day to day under German occupation, creating a new reality that is thoroughly believable and thus all the more frightening. Would America, Canada or Australia come to the rescue? Would the British people have come to accept the occupation? Would the deportation of friends, the flying of the swastika from Buckingham Palace incite passive ...
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Latin American Social Movements in the Twenty-first Century: Resistance Power and Democracy Richard Stahler-Sholk Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

31st August 2012 History Books 0 Comments
Latin American Social Movements in the Twenty-first Century offers one of the most comprehensive reviews of civil society's mobilization in the region today. Combining case studies with a broad historical overview, the volume will be of great interest to those who want to understand the dynamic challenges currently faced by Latin American democracies. (Philip Oxhorn )A wide-ranging and up-to-date study of the role of social movements in the fight for social and political change in contemporary Latin America. Extremely useful for understanding grassroots politics in the region. (Francisco ...
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A MiG-15 to Freedom: Memoir of the Wartime North Korean Defector Who First Delivered the Secret Fighter Jet to the Americans in 1953 No Kum-Sok with J. Roger Osterholm McFarland

31st August 2012 History Books 17 Comments
No Kum-Sok and J. Roger Osterholm both reside in Florida. On September 21, 1953, U.S. airmen at Kimpo Air Base near Seoul, Korea, were startled to see landing a MiG-15, the most advanced Soviet-built fighter plane of the era, piloted by Senior Lieutenant No Kum-Sok, a 21-year-old North Korean Air Force officer. Once he landed, Lieutenant No found that his mother had escaped to the South two years earlier, and they were soon reunited. At his request, No came to the United States and became a U.S. citizen. His story provides a unique insight into how North Korea conducted the Korean ...
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Open Heart Doubleday 1st edition Abraham B. Yehoshua

31st August 2012 Literature & Fiction 24 Comments
Journeying to India to retrieve his superior's seriously ill daughter, gifted physician Benjy falls deeply in love with his superior's wife, a situation that becomes complicated when he himself becomes dangerously ill. 20,000 first printing. Tour. Unlike Yehoshua's previous books, the motives of his central character in his fifth novel, Open Heart, appear unrelated to the larger social changes in Israeli society. During an assignment to India, Dr. Benjamin Rubin falls in love with the country's spiritual mystery and the nurturing sexuality of his patient's mother. In looking to ...
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The Birthday Present Penguin Canada Barbara Vine

31st August 2012 Literature & Fiction 54 Comments
Ivor Tesham is a handsome, single, young member of Parliament whose political star is on the rise. When he meets a woman in a chance encountera beautiful, leggy, married woman named Hebethe two become lovers obsessed with their trysts, spiced up by what the newspapers like to call adventure sex. Its the dress-up and role-play that inspire Ivor to create a surprise birthday present for his beloved that involves a curbside kidnapping. Its all intended as mock-dangerous foreplay, but then things take a dark turn.After things go horribly wrong, Ivor begins to receive anonymous letters that reveal ...
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